Condencers for sale$$$!

If anyone needs a condencer I got it

Check mine out send me an reply to

this message of a condencer you

need and I might just have it


Hey Moron... get lost

Why don't you just take a friggin hike ??

Yeah... like your name is "Kerry"... like it wasn't you posting as "Rob"... like either of them or any of the other names you have used ... "fresh air brigader"... are your sister.

No... it ain't your sister stupid... its YOU

You aren't the first one to come here and pretend the a$$hole posts were from somebody else using your computer.

And as far as condensors go... you say "check mine out"... well how do we 'check yours out' ?.... And what difference does it make if we check yours out ?

If I need a new one then I need a new one for MINE... not YOURS dumbass.

Do you even know a condensor from a coil ?

And then you don't give a price either.

Why would anyone send somebody like you any money for anything ?

About all you seem to know is how to change your ISP ID... in an attempt to hide who you are.

You are not fooling anybody.

Maybe your mommy needs a phone call to tell her what kind of idiot you are being on the internet.

Either grow up and quit being a jerk.. or go somewhere else.

Re: Hey Moron... get lost

He's on a non static dial up host.. ..

no attention will be paid to him in the future....

Oh and fairy... or kerry or whatever as a mean old nazi guy once said.. NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Re: Condencers for sale$$$!

It's spelled condensor...

Re: Hey Moron... get lost

Dave Gregory /

man that nazi joke is harsh.....but im probly only saying that cause i just got done doing a report on the holocaust.....but hey "kerry"......what brand is the condencor????that is if you really have ne.


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