Strange noise on Traga LX

This question is propbably best directed towards other Tomos owners. You know how when you back the moped up, the pedals turn? well my ped does the same thing, except now, instead of the pedals moving smoothly, there is a lot of resisitance, and stange scapring noise (as if the brake were being held.) coming from the transmission. wat is the cause of this?

-I recently put a bore kit on there, and the problem didnt start until after the kit was on there. Is it possible that my monsterous 70cc Super bore kit tore up my tranny???

RE: Strange noise on Traga LX

Sounds like the gears inside the engine gave way.

RE: Strange noise on Traga LX

Reeperette /

Sounds like a stripped gear to could try taking the tranny apart, but follow the advice given in the Thread "Head Gasket" somewhere below this one if you try.

Not sure it the Targa uses 10w30 for Trans Fluid or not, someone else'll have to take that one, but the rest of the principles are identical.


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