Hey simon.. this forum auto logs ip's. Can maybe the official moped army members call a vote to ban the ip of problem posters. I think it might be something we may have to face soon. I have read about 10 posts in the last week mistaking it for a real post only to find out that it was some nerd wasting time and bandwidth. I don't want this board's reputation to be at stake becuase of a few or possibly one person.

I just don't want this board to become a joke.

I don't think it has ever had a problem like this before becuase most of the moped community are pretty easy going people, just trying to have some fun while being adults and enjoying the usefullness of the site.


Duck concerned

Re: Simon

Dave Gregory /

i think its a good idea.....but im not an official member yet...

Re: Simon

I agree. The rambling has to stop.

Re: Simon

Oliver Kish /

i agree he needs to be banned! simon you suck , not the people that you criticize!

Re: Simon It would be a good idea


Well yeah check

into it, My sister

wont touch this computer

again after the stuff

she pulled!

She's a crazy one

( if you havn't noticed )

But after you implied this

and if I could be able

to come back to the forum

as long as my account lasts


Re: Simon

Did you say that simon sucks? simon is by boy...recognize fool!

Re: Simon

As of right now I'm going to more closely moderate this forum. Please don't response to any obviously trolling posts. Chances are I will find and delete the post that day, along with the replies it has generated.

I want to keep this forum on topic. We've dealt with this kind of thing before, we'll get though this one too -- the kids get sick of it eventually.

Mass IP banning can be damaging, because it can effect more than just the intended trouble maker. It's definitely an option if things get worse though.

I'm glad you're concerned, and that you care about this forum and website as much as I do.

Remember, all my posts will be verified as me and link to my member profile.


Speaking of grammar

Ron Brown /

Maybe its because I just got straight, but I am having a little trouble with oli and Crisis' posts.


Re: Speaking of grammar

Ron Brown /

OK, so I'm having a little trouble with Freshairbrigader too. I guess it must be me. : (


Re: Speaking of grammar

Sorry Ronnie. I was a bit confused. But now I think that I understand.

Re: Speaking of grammar

It's that `keg of bear' ,Ron! I told you not to be kegging bears!

Re: Speaking of grammar

Ron Brown /

Only in season, Don

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