parades rock!!!!

Dave Gregory /

last week i rode my moped in the river rat parade (parade in athol, massachusetts) and it was cool. i rode behind a harley and in front of a 1969 dodge charger. the only thing that sucked was that the harley had duel exhasts and everytime the guy on it gave it gas it hurt like a female dog (cant swear). but the guy was cool cause he gave me candy to throw at people...if ne1 wants 2 be in a parade here that lives close enough then just respond and ill tell you when the next one is... theres one tomarrow morning but they wont let mopeds in...


Re: parades rock!!!!

Dave,I can't believe no one has responded yet to this. That is REALLY nice,I think,to be in a parade on a `ped.(Just so they weren't poking fun at mopeds by putting the Harley ahead,like the Giant and the Midget scenario).I've got a Batavus Starflite and a Hero-Majestic ANKUR that would look sweet.Along with my boy Westy's Kawasaki motorized bicycle that looks like their dirt bike.It was only run about 10 miles in several parades before I bought it.Parades ARE cool!

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