honda passport ???

Hey everyone... well I lied to all you guys and gals when I told you that there was only one moped in georgia and I had it.

Well It turns out that there are two... although right now niether one is running. My puegeot is comming along nicely.

I found out that one of my partners at work actualy has a moped... he has a 19 80ish honda passport. It was his first

Motor anything. He drove it a while and took it apart to do some cleaning up. He then purchased a car and later a motorcycle. His passport sat in a barn all alone every since.

I was talking to him and ebay came up.. and i told him that I liked ebay that it is one of the few places to get stuff for mopeds in this area. He replied man I got one you can have for a few bucks.. its a honda. He told me he didn't really remember much about it other then it was red and had a few speeds he thinks. said he wasn't sure how fast or anything it went becuase it was so long ago that he thinks about 35-40. It is a no-ped by definition and would require me to get a motorcycle licence to drive it. But he told me he would take 50 bucks for it. The only problem is he never put it all back together. I would needa manual

and information. Also some tips becuase I have never even seen a honda moped much less worked on one.

He told me it would probly bust off after putting some oil in the cylinder becuase of it sitting around so long and told me the motor was never touched and is still attached to the bike.

tires were brand new and he didn't think any problems other then it being dirty when he started to take some of it apart.

I'm going to jump on the chance to get it... wish me luck.

Also.. who all knows about honda passports?

I saw the picture of one in the gallery are they all like this?

I htink those leg wind guard things looks funny.

Also it is kickstart... I wonderif there is a normal electric start too? And do they have really small tires like some of the yamahas? I don't want any 14 inch tires yuckie pooh pooh!

thanks Duck!

Re: honda passport ???

I have one Duck. Remember the "Evil Kanevil" bike. It is a 1981 C70 Passport but technically is a motorcycle or scoot. The leg shileds are great if you have to ride in the rain.

Re: honda passport ???

ah Zippy.. can you post me a link so I can see it.

I cannot remember much about it toehr then saying wow thats a cool little bike. Was it on your site?

Thanks Zip

Re: honda passport ???

Here it is. This is the one i got from the Lady in San Francisco. She was a big fan of Evil Kanevil and even had an Evil kaneveil outfit she wore when she went riding.

I plan on repainting it Saphire Blue


Re: honda passport ???

hehe... wow.. I think they are the most wierd looking moped.. well motorcycles I have seen. They look like moped engine and set up... with a motorcycle gearing and kick start.. but vespa style scooter leg wind guards and stuff... like all three kinda rolled up into one.

Are there diffren't versions of the passport or all they all pretty simular.. are they all 70cc? And is it anything like the pa50? please don't flame me too bad.. i really don't know much at all about the hondas yet.

I'f I get it and it is considered a motorcycle by georgia law.. I wonder if theyre is a good upgrade market?

Thanks agian zippy.. or anyone else whom is honda handy.

Re: honda passport ???

Just for the record, the Honda Passport Motorcycle, not the SUV, has been the longest production motorcycle in history.

Look at street scenes of Southeast Asia, and the streets are crawling with them.

It began as the original "Little Honda" around 1959, and is still in production in its current form. Last I recall , over 15 million had been made over the years. This means it will overtake the Ford Model T's record for longest production vehicle.


Re: honda passport ???

Wow.. I didn't know that..

Awesome.. so I guess parts would be relatively easy to obtain and probly alot of after market addons available?

How fast can these things go.. are they beefy or clumsy?

I think they are pretty damn wierd looking to say the least.. almost dare I say.. UGLY..... but who knows..

i am going to go look at it monday and see if it can be saved.

JimC and Duck Re: honda passport ???

Jim & Duck

If you count the Honda Cub, make that 30 miliion sold.

Great bike Duck, the 70 cc Passport will do about 40-45 stock.

There are a couple of Yahoo Groups for Honda C-70 Passport and Super Cubs.

Re: JimC and Duck Part 2 Re: honda passport ???

Re: JimC and Duck Part 2 Re: honda passport ???

Thanks, Zippy!

Just for the record, the original versions were overhead pushrod actuated valve engines.

Not sure when, but they went to the chain driven overhead cam that is still used today sometime in the mid '60's i believe.

Another thing that made them accessable to more people was that some models were available with electric start. I've heard alot of these can be found in Southeren Florida where retirees use them extensively.


To elaborate a little,Duck.

Just in case you didn't guess from Jim's post,Duck,which being a mechanic I'm sure you know that the Passport is a 4-stroke engine.NO mixing oil in the gas and the Japs had a mechanical oil-filter instead of a replaceable one.Probably worked off centrifugal force would be my guess.

Re: honda passport ???

Patty Suessen /

I just bought two 1981 c70 Honda passports. On, there are two groups: Honda C-70, and the other is Honda-Super Cub. One of them has the entire shop manual in jpg's. I printed it out, and have been using it to take apart, and clean the bikes.

Check it out. They have a couple of guys that are REALLY helpful.


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