Destruction of Mopeds

Does anyone ever have the problem of coming back to your moped after leaving it parked somewhere, and realizing that some biotch has broken part of it? Someone recenlty ripped the wires from my turnsignal on my Targa LX. I'm curious to here of peoples stories on this topic.

RE: Destruction of Mopeds

Yeah, a friend of mine used to have a Honda CB50. They torched it. What kind of stupid @!#$ comes up with the idea of setting a bike on fire?

RE: Destruction of Mopeds

Reeperette /

1 Puch Austro Daimler - Stolen, perp lifted entire bike rack it was chained to into a truck.

1 Tomos Silver Bullet - Missing, was in shop for repairs, owner got busted for running a chop shop, 'ped not found.

1 Tomos Golden Bullet - Stolen, perp bypassed expensive alarm system and heavy chain

1 Tomos Trike - Ripped in half AND set on fire, someone used a truck to try to pull it, because the chain was too heavy to cut, and attached to a 8' metal stake buried in the ground and anchored with concrete down there - their attempt to pull it tore the front end off, and they set it on fire.

Your 'ped is only as safe as you make it, mine is outside my window with motion lights, and an alarm rigged to them, and about 25 feet of very heavy chain wound through the metal railing of the porch, which is set into the concrete, and I am a light sleeper, with a shotgun under the bed.

Your best bets as far as it goes, I can only suggest.

At your home, go full-paranoia, if you wish to keep your vehicle, those motion activated lights are nice, mount them right over where you chain it up, and rig a motion-activated alarm system up as well, some very heavy chain and lots of it is also a plus.

When parking your bike somewhere else, never EVER chain it to a bike rack that is not anchored in concrete, see above for why.

I pick a highly visible spot, preferably somewhere I can see the damn thing even in the store, and if that sometimes means parking it on the sidewalk out in front of their windows - that's what it means, they can bitch all they like, they ain't the ones gonna be buyin me a new 'ped when someone walks off with or trashes mine.

As for hit-and-run simple vandalism, it's prettymuch a fact of life for 'ped owners, all you can do about that is cultivate a certain 'reputation' in your local area, by hospitalizing anyone you catch, and even that isn't a fullproof deterrent.

(Nobody in this little town here will TOUCH my 'ped, and I like it that way.)

Best of luck, guy.


RE: Destruction of Mopeds

yikes what city is that in reep? here in bethlehem, pa we never have any problems with theft or vandalism. just laughs and threats is all.


-moped army-

RE: Destruction of Mopeds

i had rednecks kick the mufler off my motobecane while visiting columbus ohio.

RE: Destruction of Mopeds

Out here as long as you stay away from Hollywood or certain areas, nobody messes with them.

As far as security goes when you leave your 'ped, common sense prevails.

RE: Destruction of Mopeds

Reeperette /

That was Baltimore, MD - and a major factor in my moving to Michigan.

Although I've temporarily moved operations to the Columbus,OH area for now.

No one HERE touches mah wheels neither...and that's a gooood thing.


RE: Destruction of Mopeds

Simon King /

you're living in columbus now!? i consider columbus to be the mecca of mopeds - do you go down to HandyBikes very often?

RE: Destruction of Mopeds

Reeperette /

Nah, haven't even been there....reason being..

A - Moped registration and regulations in OH are DRACONIAN.

Insurance is mandatory, and I consider insurance to be a SCAM, because the first thing they do when you make a claim is send half a dozen lawyers to "prove" it was your fault so they don't have to pay....and they pay those snakes with YOUR money.

That is a game I have refused to play since 1985 when I got my first 'ped, and I refuse to play it now.

B - The Suzuki Fa-50 is not a "Moped" by OH Law.

It goes too fast, has no pedals, is too loud, and several other little nitpick things, so it would have be completely re-titled and registered/tagged/insured as a small motorcycle....costing me enough money that it would make more sense to simply get a motorcycle, if I was physically able to ride one.

C - OH cops are bored pricks.

The ones around here have utterly nothing to do, and would pull a 'ped over just because it's an unusual vehicle and it'd break up the mornin coffee and donut boredom, to hassle a 'ped owner....and they would pull mine over, cause it's loud, and if I don't see them afore they see me...umm, suspiciously fast for a moped.

So, as it stands, the pointless and prevailing idiocy of overlegislation has deprived me of the ability to ride in this state, and for that reason (among others) I will be returning to Michigan just as soon as this contract lets me do it.

No offense to those who live here, but...Ohio sucks, and sucks bigtime, for 'ped owners.

I shall be glad to remove my wheels from it's streets.


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