Maybe I'm just too old....

Or perhaps it's just me, but at what point did we decide that grammer, proper spelling, and punctuation were optional.

There are so many posts here that are near unreadable, or incomprehensible because it was typed in all caps, with no punctuation, or containing very simple spelling errors (they're, their, there).

How are we supposed to make an accurate eveluation of the problem described if we can not understand what is being asked?

I guess I just got too old too quickly.


Re: Maybe I'm just too old....

SteelToad /

I hate to do it to you, but you misspelled its (there is no apostrophe)

Gee that was fun :))

Re: Maybe I'm just too old....

way to eveluate his post:)

Re: Maybe I'm just too old....

ivebeenmeaningtosaythesamethingforalongtime, and its in this use does have an apostrophe, it's is short for it is with the apostrophe taking the place of the i in is .I am the worst speller in the world but at least I try to get it right. Thank you Richard for speaking my mind for me . bruce

Re: Maybe I'm just too old....

I'd have to agree, the spelling and punctuation on this board is pretty bad. I put in the spell checker to help, but it doesn't force people to use it.


Re: Maybe I'm just too old....

I don't want to seem like some old man sitting on the front stoop, shaking my cane, but it can get so difficult to follow the meaning of some of these posts oftentimes.

Thanks for calling me on any errors I may have made. If no one mentions anything, I doubt that anything will get better.

And Simon, yes, the spellchecker is a very good idea. If people can't be forced to use it maybe the post button can be buried within the spellchecker.???


Re: Maybe I'm just too old....

Ha, I guess I can forgive or understand alot of grammer mistakes, seeing how our society has been regressing towards chaos ( thankyou liberals ). But what I can't get used to is the increasing use of self-made abbreviations people are using all over the place...abbreviations invented in someone's little lazy mind and we're all supposed to understand their little crappy me a headache trying to read it... it's worse then slang because at least slang terms tend to be shared among certain groups of people... on the web people invent their own abbreviations and I have no idea what the hell they are writing about.... alot of it is not stupidity but just pure laziness, lazy keyboard users... Can U C wot I M talking 2 U about ? Dats just the EZ 1's :) What the hell are these people writing about ?

Re "it's": it's correct

As used, 'it's' is a contraction of 'it is' and it is correct.

From my Webster's Collegiate dictionary.

its: of or relating to it or itself (going to its kennel) (its final enactment into law)

Despite the fact...

Despite the fact that I 'punctuate' incorrectly on purpose... (often substituting a string of periods for commas or a period and some other symbols)... I agree wholeheartedly..

I don't mind a certain amount of punctuation errors... but combined with bad spelling and bad sentence structure and run-on sentences... and left out information.. I just can't help but insult and make fun of them.

My incorrect punctuation is on purpose and for clarity.. I think I communicate pretty well (or is that 'pretty good' ?).

Another one I REALLY don't like is the people who don't know to put a SPACE after EVERY punctuation mark !!

Every comma, period, exclamation point, question mark (etc)... IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE A SPAAAAAAAAACE AFTER IT !!!!

otherwisethestuffjustlooksalljammedtogetherandIcan'tfreakinstandit !!

Your not alone Richard... there are declining standards all over the place.. this is just one example.

(then again.. maybe the errors are all because theyare typing one handed while they hold their pants up with the other hand ?)

Re: Despite the fact...

Ron Brown /


Relax, it all depends on what the meaning of it's its.


You got that right Jimmy

That really gets me too.


Can n e 1 go 2 the store 4 me ?

Freakin morons think it's soooo cute.

(look... I spelled 'it's' correct too !)

Re: You got that right Jimmy

Oh no, you said the only word that causes us harm. AHHHH you said it again AAAHHH I said it AAAHHHH again.....

Re: You got that right Jimmy

Thanks Richard, for bringing up this sensitive subject. I don't think very many of us out here are rocket scientists, sorry Fred, but most of do the best we can with what God gave us. I know I make some punctuation errors, and sometimes I make typos that make me look really dumb, and sometimes my advanced age just gets in the way of my spelling, but at least I try. I agree about the dumb ass contractions, such as LOL, that add nothing and take up room on the page. It would make us all look better to our peers if we just tried a little harder...Ken D

Re: You got that right Jimmy

I seem to type alot like fred and use alot of the periods instead of proper puncuation...

I also tend to make alot of what seems to be spelling errors but are actualy stupid typos.

I'll try to slow down some and type more clearly.

I'm from the south.. and not used to speaking clearly and in full sentence. I type the same way I speak.. with wierd grammer a southern draw. Certainly yall understand.

It also never fails I end up getting on to check out what is going on at 2am when my fingers or my brian do not even function. I'm surpised I even make a post.

swarm and destroy

or just sit under one them oak trees and sip some lemonade in the soft southern breeze while working on a good 'ole puegeot.

I guess it's not just me

It looks like I open a big, stinky can of crap on this one. Who would have thought this would have become such a minefield? It is good to see that some people do care enought to at least reply...even if it is to tear a piece off of someone.


Re: I guess it's not just me

I'm an English major, and I graduated with honors. I'm not concerned with errors with my posts unless it causes them to be confusing beyond understanding.

My thought is that there are different places for diferent kinds of writing,

If I were handing in an Essay for a 300 level English class, it would be 'perfect' as far as grammar and spelling.

A note to my boss, would also be free of errors or run-on sentences.

When I tell you guys about my new moped, I don't spell check, because you guys have nothing to do with my GPA or my Paycheck.

2 cents. Ka-ching.

"You and I...." "me and you" "Who or Whom" "It's or its"

who cares, unless the grammar is so bad that the post is actualy so bad that it cannot be understood.

Further, I think we get a lot of foreign visitors. Aside from Mr. Haysodumb, I think they should be allowed to make grammar, spelling or other language usage errors---

Re: I guess it's not just me

im with wayne... this is a moped forum... not a damn resume`.

if you can't understand someones post... you could just skip it.

plus, 90% of the time i am posting a question (and i'm sure this goes for others), i am running up from my garage, covered in grease and gasoline and wanting to lay down information as it is still fresh in my head. no time for the grammer police when you're in a hurry.

I guess it's not just you

Ron Brown /

Wayne and casey,

I think you are missing the origonal point of this thread, which Richard expressed as follows:

>There are so many posts here that are near unreadable, or >incomprehensible because it was typed in all caps, with no >punctuation, or containing very simple spelling errors

>(they're, their, there).

I am not sure that I agree with his example words, but I do agree with his point. With some posts, it is close to impossible to decipher the content.

I do typically ignore these posts or make some smart ass response. Not that smart ass responses are typical of me.

You two have nothing to appologize for, and I hope I don't either. You seem to have latched on to the one or two posts in this thread that mumble about its vs. it's, etc., decided to be offended and feel the need to defend yourself. Well. forget it, you are not being picked on.

Remember, just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean everyone isn't out to get you.

I hope I got all the apostrophies right in that last paragraph.

Ron : )

Re: Maybe I'm just too old....

to have credibility, richard, it would help if you were to spell 'grammar' correctly. There, I've just used the subjunctive voice.

casey casey casey

What are you talking about ?

We are not talking about YOU.

casey... I would answer a lot of your questions BECAUSE they were so well written and thought out.

Thats a fact.

Compared to some posts here... (which I actually feel pain in my head when I try to understand them)... yours were just about perfect.

I would grin and think... "this guy deserves an answer just because he communicated so well and covered all the bases".

None of the people who responded to this here are 'the problem'... in fact there is no 'problem'.... just a few of us who get to get this off our chests... our rant will have almost no effect on the 'bad english' posters... we know that.

duck... yours are fine too... I have grown to like you and your posts and your point of view.. (I wish you had better luck with peds)

Wayne .. you were certainly not who we were talking about.

really guys... trivial spelling and punctuation errors are not what we were talking about.

the ones who make my brain hurt were

Even some of those I will try to understand.. because I understand that a guy could be a genius... and still not write well.

Another one I like .. is Alain... the French Canadian... with his 'fractured English'... French Canadians use of English is interesting and fun to read... I will help him whenever I can.

And to the hackers ?.. aaaaah.. get a life.. you can't put this on your resume.

Geeze Alert !

Reeperette /

Gee, we can really tell who the codgers are now, eh ?

(even if they ain't that old!)

Now where did I put mah cane, imma hit somebody inna minnit here.

I guess my 20's gangster-ese prolly annoys some folks too, but it's six one way, half a dozen the other, right-O ?


Re: Maybe I'm just too old....

Touche David.

As you may have read in my post, I never did claim to be perfect, nor would I want to be. It takes all the fun out of life. I'll be the first one to admit I don't use the spellchecker, but I do at least "try" to write my posts in a reasonably understandable manner. I think that Fred summed up my original thought perfectly....thank you Fred. I didn't mean to insite a grammatical riot. It was just one of those things that I needed to get off my chest.


too old(end of the world & Grammar)

Hey--- Mopeds, Religion, Politics, the end of the world, grammatical riots...

it all surfaces in the forum. In fact I wouldn't apologize-- I'd brag about "inciting a grammatical riot."

Any argument we've had on here goes away, and we all end up understanding more about each other in the end.

we are a reflection of the greater world (though much cooler) we have idiots, nuts, geniuses, experts and lately, a lot of total morons.

I've said it before-- but it's worth repeating. When I came to the forum, I expected to find a bunch of 'new-age hippies', with your occasional old-timer small engine lovers mixed in. I was happy to discover that we have ALL KINDS of people here---

This is an awesome forum, and Non-moped posts make for good reading.

P.S. Did anyone read my post about the ice ages, disaster, planet x and Nibiru, the mystery brown dwarf? Some of you MUST have heard of these things--- Don-Ohio did a nice response, but I thought more people would have comments.

Basically, there's a semi-substiantated rumor (from sources like discover magazine) that a dense object like a mini black hole, brown dwarf, or failed sun is approaching our region of the solar system.

This is NOT good news, and if it were true, you wouldn't hear about it on TV--- Keep it secret till the last minute is the 'official' plan.

Has anyone else heard of:

Pole shift

Dark Star



Brown Dwarf

or Planet "x" ?

I'm crazy, but I can't believe I'm the only one worried about this situation. There's a lot of real evidence--- that's why it bugs me. 9 out of 10 mathematicians agree, something very very dense (emitting UV and IR emissions, but not a lot of actual photons) is out there, and geting closer.

Does anyone here have access to a medium quality IR scope? I have the coordinates where this "thing" is approaching from. By 2003, it is supposed to be able to be seen with the naked eye. To the lower right of jupiter, if I recall correctly.

I respect your opinions, which is why I post such questions. It's not nice to think of a huge planetary disaster, but preparedness never hurts.



Re: casey casey casey

well, thanks fred. =]

and ron. you both have been a big help to me many times...

and truthfully, i think it's hilarious when you all give someone hell when their post didnt make any sense.


Re: too old(end of the world & Grammar)

Just how the hell do you prepare for something like this, dig a shelter ? I read your posts on this approching object and quite frankly you scared the crap out of me. This is the first I've heard of this. I'm going to have read more on this . Where do suggest I start as I was fascinated with this theory of an outbound object disturbing the orbits of the outer planets, and might possibly be returning. Thanks for enlightening me, even if I can't sleep now. bruce

(end of the world) Links

Re: too old(end of the world & Grammar)


I have heard something about a super-masive object, causing significant gravitational lensing being noticed. I remember something about the possibility of a brown dwarf, but I haven't heard any more than that. The new one I like the best is the asteroid that's going to hit Earth in 2880. I for one would like to see that one happen. It would make the 900+ year lifetime worthwhile.


(end of the world) agree? or no?

Richard, that it a great example of how they cover it up.

The media mentions that there 'may' be something to worry about.... doesn't really concern you though.....

That way when a nut like me starts telling you about it, a 'switch' clicks and says "....oh, yeah, that's not a conspiracy....I've read about that..."

If you'd NEVER heard of it, you'd be more suspicious----

Even one of my friends who I consider "out of the loop" gave ME information he remembered from the late 80's about this mystery 'object'

I'm not an astronomer, but the weird orbits of the outer planets give me the creeps. I mean really---- we go around the sun in a circle, and the little outer ones travel around the sun like a "stretched out rubber band"

When I heard that "Pluto and Neptune switched orbits, making neptune further out...." I got the chills. What in the hell makes an outer planet decide to "travel further out"???? Maybe a DENSE gravity field.

It's like a star, but not too bright.... that's why the mathemiticians know more about it than some of the astronomers. It doesn't show up unless you have a medium quality IR scope. An amateur telescope won't do it until next spring.....after that, the naked eye should see the tail this thing creates as it passes.

use your favorite search engine to look up some info-- read the people who think it's on the way, and read the ones who say the others are crazy. then make up your own mind.

All I know for SURE is something bad happens to the earth every few thousand years, and something mega-dense is messing with the outer planets.

Add it up from there.


Re: (end of the world) agree? or no?


Whatever it is and whatever it does, I'm sure there is a way we can blame the government and Microsoft.


Re: (end of the world) Links

Here are some mroe:

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