I'm off to Cape Girardeau.

Hey guys and gals!I gotta take my wife out for a special medical procedure on Friday and it's about 500 miles.We'll stay overnight and then leave Sat.noon or so.I'm debating whether to strap the `ped on the back as last time I was out there,I was impressed with the good mopeding territory I saw.Especially across the river(Mississippi River)into Illinois.I think it would be fun to go to a faraway place like that and just start `pedding like you been livin' there forever.Don't you?.....I don't suppose there's anyone on this forum that lives near Cape Girardeau that would want to ride a little?Well,maybe I'll have an interesting story to tell if I take the `ped.I think I'm picking up another MO2 engine late night Saturday at Dayton,OH so I'm fairly happy about the trip.Wish me fun,fun,fun,and I hope the weather will cooperate!Hope everyone gets to ride!(:^) Don

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There is nothing wrong with trying to mix a little fun in with an otherwise unpleasant trip! I hope you can do just that, and have a safe one too!!


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Come on out West and visit MO. I am a little to far away to join you. Hope everything goes well with your wife!!!!


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yeah don, take the ped! emily and i are going to go camping next weekend and are taking the mopeds...

hope you have a good trip & all goes well with mre. ohio.. :)


Re: I'm off to Cape Girardeau.

er, i meant mrs. ohio.

Re: I'm off to Cape Girardeau.

Wishing you both a great trip!


Re: I'm off to Cape Girardeau.


If you have the time to stop in St. Louis, let me know.

Chris S

Re: I'm off to Cape Girardeau.

Hey,THANKS,all you guys!We had a good trip,but it turned out that I saw the weather map(big stormy predictions) and decided not to take the `ped after all.What I did instead was to take a 120 mile or so trip on Thurs.afternoon to make up for it.Then I drove 1100 miles round trip and yesterday went on a 100 mi. `run of fun'.Ha!I bought a trader for Illinois and looked for a `ped to maybe buy while I was out there,but couldn't find any.I was supposed to meet trade some Cosmo Colt stuff in Dayton,but the guy's driveshaft on his truck broke and we have to do it Saturday.So you see I'm always nuts for mopeds! (:^)

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