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OK, now I'm not sure who Jan is, or if he was deliberatly flaming the forum or just trying to give some different information. If you read what he said, he only said that the site would have some good info, even if you didn't understand it (because it was in Swedish) and that they were "real" mopeds (since many people think non-pedal 50cc bikes are not mopeds). That's all. I visited the site and, not being a Swedish-reader, didn't find the sites very useful. But it was a well-designed site nonetheless.

But we also ALL have to keep in mind that mopeds are not very clearly defined. Technically, I agree that a moped is a hybrid between a motorcycle and a bicycle. Hence MO (motor) PED (pedals). By convention, they seem to be less than 50cc. Again, though, is a Tomos with a 70cc kit still a moped? I think perhaps it is. It has a motor and pedals.

Also, the horsepower is not necessary indicative. Nor are the gears. I think we could have a manual transmittion multi-horsepower bike with a motor and pedals and it would be moped. This would be for two AND three wheeled varieties. Now, I'm not sure about these Swedish four-wheeled mopeds. If they have pedals ... then perhaps, but it sounds more like a go-cart.

The issue of pedals, however, raises an interesting disctinction between a TECHNICAL moped and a LEGAL moped. In Michigan (USA), for example, a scooter is considered a legal moped as long as it has less than 50cc. These have no pedals and are kick-start. The same also goes, however, for many newer Tomos or Aprilla and other brands that no longer have pedals but are still less than 50cc. Are those mopeds? What about something like, say, a Bridgestone with 50cc, kickstart, and manual transmition? I think that might be a legal moped even if not a technical moped.

So we have to be very careful about what a moped is (and is not). Especially on an internet forum where many people from various countries participate. The thing is, in the US, most mopeds are still of the older variety. Import of new models dried up and so we are left with scooters and 1970s-80s mopeds. In Europe, mopeds seem to have evolved into non-pedal bikes that even have oil injection (no premixing). So there you go.

I personally like pedals myself. If worse comes to worse you can pedal your bike home. And sometimes a pedal moped is MUCH easier to start than a very fast kickstart, such as a Bridgestone (sorry Dan).

My point is ... let's all take a deep breath. Relax. Mopeds are VERY fun. So are other 50cc vehicles. I had/have a scooter and I enjoyed it very much. I don't feel guilty saying this. And I'm sure Dan enjoys his 4.2 hp Bridgestone very much as well. There's nothing at all wrong with that either.

But to spend time arguing about what IS and IS NOT a moped is rather silly, in my opinion at least. Let's just ride and have a great time swarming the streets. Happy riding everyone!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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