When will people learn

What is rong with people today they start mocking you when you drive past them on a moped. Dont people have respect for pedders. What is you take on this?

Some won't,they're envious of happy people.

I take it you're talkin' 16-24 yr. olds probably.Just ignore them.They're usually jealous or just arrogant.Who cares what those `nincompoops' think?They've probably never gotten 125-150 mpg in their close-minded lives.Just chalk `em up as `misinformed' and `ignorant' and `ped on by them.DON'T LET THEM ruin your fun,by all means.They're just jealous.Remember that!Some people just can't stand watching others having a good time.That's a fact! (:^)

Re: When will people learn

Everyone seems to have to look down on someone or something..

The act of looking down on someone elavates the mocker to a superior position (in the mind of the mocker) It gives them a false level of comfort that they are in control of something, in a world where one can control very little.

Who do you think would be able to proceed first if your moped and the mocker's automobile broke down at the same time at the same place.

Being able to fix a piece of machinery that will get you home puts you in true control of your fate, even if it's just a moped.

Shoot em' high

I can perfectally agree... there are alot of asses out there. I took advantage of sunday's great weather to take my indian out on the streets of my town. Its an average town, about 15,000 people. Some jeer, some joke, but most are jealous. It was a big hit in my area, and now i hear chants everywhere about wanting to get mopeds... haha. Of course some times ill go out and on actually try to piss people off by going 15 in a 30!!

Sunday afternoon, a group of harleys decided to go riding... like a gentleman i slipped the ped right into their pact... and they didnt mind that i rode with them. Some motorcyclist can be dicks when it comes to 50ccs. But they where pretty intrested in my hog. Later i found out that one of them once had an indian like mine "in the day" as he stated.

Sometimes, you can find a moped loving group of people... but on any other given day.... expect no respect on the streets of america.


Re: When will people learn

That is so true your such losers for getting involved in moped sites theyre gay you should be at work doing something not being bumbs in the society

Re: When will people learn

youre an idiot... dont you even know what IPs are Rob, Freshairbrigade,MR. WHO... who ever you want to go by?

Why not tape a red flag to your ass and dance arround? Better yet, isnt it time to jerk off thinking about your best friends mom?

Re: When will people learn

Haha. Good one Rev! When people get nasty with me when I am rolling on my ped, I just flip them the bird. They love it! And if they catch up to me, I just punch them in the mouth! :)

Re: When will people learn

InfectedBootSector /

I beat the hell out of the side of a Bronco once with my u lock...

That redneck never bothered me again.... he thinks I'm nuts...

freaking high school kids

Re: When will people learn

I beat a guy up once with my looks! Mopeds can be dangerous.


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