don-ohio/ toronto gathering

This is an official invitation to the ' Toronto moped gathering ' in June (tentative ).I know how much you like to take long rides on your tank top, and wouldn't this be a feather in your helmet if rode from your place in Ohio to Toronto. Just think of the tales to tell. Things like "How I fooled the border guards into thinking I wasn't crazy " or " How I went over Niagara Falls in a barrel on a moped " or maybe ' "How to fix a flat tire on the Burlington Skyway in 70mph winds." Hope you can attend, RSVP , bruce

Man,I don't know!

That's real funny,Bruce!Over Niagara Falls.LOL!! I would brave the trip,but it IS about 400-460+ miles!Think of THAT on a moped!My wife would not let me go without protest,but she might let me do it.I'd have to plan a route on back roads(that would increase it from 460mi. to 560 mi. probably) like I took to Columbus the other day.Don't want you to think my Sebring can't make it..............I trust it on long trips.That would be a 2 day ride of 200+ mi. each,and then BACK!!....You tryin' to kill me,Bruce! (:^)

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