My moped has been through hell

my ped is falling apart...i got it for free and it was in very bad condition. i took the engine appart, replaced the pistol rings and the fan belt, but i dunno, it doesnt go very fast, the speedometer is busted so i dunno how fast, but its not fast enough for road travel im sure. :)

i wanna get it up to road standards, its a peugot 103, exactly the same as the pic on the site under peugot called 103, any suggestions what i should do?

Re: My moped has been through hell

Well,tune it up and clean out the exhaust.Re-pack the wheel bearings if they are not sealed bearings and change all the cables that are suspect(make sure tires are good).Clean the carb.and just generally go over it well(lube everything except dry clutch shoes and brake shoes).If it has a variator pulley drive,replace the belt and lube the variator.Go to Fred's Guide under `Resources' and `articles' on this site and find `How to Fix Your Moped' and rely on that.Do a search on this forum for anything you're not sure about.Specify `all dates' when you search.Okay? How many miles on it?(:^)

Re: My moped has been through hell

thanks man.

i dont know how many miles cuz the speedometer was also the odometer and the cable is missing :)

it was at 49 when it stoped tho :)

Re: My moped has been through hell

Only 49 miles?Man,you may have a near-perfect model for restoration there!How do the tires look?The pedals worn much?Chain been adjusted?Brake shoes worn?Variator belt worn?If these things look good,you might have a `ped with really low mileage,and that is nice.

Re: My moped has been through hell

Matt Harper /

the tires are good, the brake pads are a bit worn out, unless they are just loose, one of the pedels is bent about 5 or 10 degrees more than it should be, but thats nothing major :)

i guess its in ok condition but its realy slow and sometimes it is a real bitch to start, but yea its a great bike considering i payed nothing for it :)

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