HAHA IQ=zero

Ha hahahahah damn..you all suck.

"Look at the Rieju RR or the Rieju RS1 Castrol and tell me that they're mopeds. So I guess a 50cc dirtbike is a moped, right?"

Rieju drac rr and Derbi Senda and all other brands under 50cc are mopeds in the entire europe, DONT YOU KNOW THIS?!?!?!?!

In scandinavia, europa, asia its a clear fact. Once more i direct you all to www.reijumotor.com.

Reiju Drac (for eg) is A MOPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET IT..i have one my self.

Oh why are amerikans so stupid. You dont know averything...you just think so! hahahahahahahaha

RE: HAHA IQ=zero

Simon King /

i'm confused as to what you are saying? what's your point exactly?

no - a 50cc dirtbike is not a moped. i don't care what the law says.


Jan = little boy (or girl)

Hey Jan..... does your mommy know you found the "on" button for the computer?

RE: Jan = little boy (or girl)

WAHAHAHAHA........you all r so stupid..hahahahaha You dont know @!#$ about mopeds.......

RE: HAHA IQ=zero

My piont i that a reiju drac isen

wow we're really not intelligent

our iq is equivalent to 0 which is the same it level as something that can't think at all or to something that is dead. that makes us really really stupid. wheeeeeeeeeeeee.

i didn't know what that word equivalent meant someone who is smarter than me who has a higher iq told me to write it. cause i (we're) really stupid here at the moped army. that's what we're all about. fake mopeds and stupidity.


at least all this talk gives me something to do at work

RE: HAHA IQ=zero

I'm not at all impressed by that list of mopeds you wrote ... I know 50cc's are mopeds all over the world EXCEPT in the US. In the US a moped is a 50cc WITH PEDALS! But hey, everyone removes the pedals of their bike as soon as they can and they replace them for footpegs.

If you really want to impress me with a moped then get a Honda RC112.

RE: HAHA IQ=zero

actually, here at the moped army, pedals are held in high esteem, and the kids without pedals and only footpegs get picked on. the bike i just bought is a kickstart, and i am getting nothing but @!#$.


RE: HAHA IQ=zero


i followed your link to <a href="http://www.tws-motor.se/bilder/mopeder/kvnbroschyr.jpg>here</a>, and if you think this is a four wheel moped you are totally off base with what we consider a moped,and what we are trying to do here. also, if you are just now getting four wheelers in sweden, i am not going to look there as a cutting edge 2 stroke country. We have had four wheelers here in the states forever. If you have something positive to add to our site, stick around. If not, leave. we don't need you.

Re: HAHA IQ=zero

i have a reiju rr.it is yellow and does 75mph and it is only a 50cc,well bored out to a 75cc!!!!!!!wot have u got?

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