THIS SUCK! (from sweden with love)

Damn! Dont you have eny real mopeds i amerika?

(or where the hell you guys are from)

Did you ever heard of:

Rieju Drac RR?

Rieju RS1 Evo?

Derbi Senda R?

Derbi GPR?

Aprillia RX?

Gilera H@K?

Yamaha DT?

Yamaha DTR?

Suzuki TS?

Suzuki RMX?

Honda MT?

(no mb @!#$)

Push, Jawa, Tomos and other crap names seem to dominate. Man, get a R.E.A.L moped!!!!!!

Check out this swedish site:

RE: THIS SUCK! (from sweden with love)

Simon King /

Actually no, i don't know of any other these. Maybe instead of just saying the name you could explain exactly what it is that gives you a higher opinion of these mopeds? -- Also, it's no surprise that in America there is a much more limited batch of mopeds available....


RE: THIS SUCK! (from sweden with love)


You must not forget that mopeds were first available on a large scale here during the 70's "Energy Crisis". They were popular for a while til gas prices went down and we were sold as slaves to OPEC for the price of cheap crude oil.

Now we have another "Energy Crisis" and VP AlGore won't want two strokes to pollute his planet.

These old mopeds here are used by the enlightened few and the reprobates of the Moped Army.

I'll think of you when I'm riding my '79 Vespa Grande in December in 70

degree weather here in sunny Southern California.


RE: THIS SUCK! (from sweden with love)

do you have an english version for your moped site? does everyone in sweden think they need to have a portal? you suck.

RE: THIS SUCK! (from sweden with love) is not my site..ass...

RE: THIS SUCK! (from sweden with love)

than maybe you should check your resources before you post them on an all-english site. it does not make us ignorant because we do not know the swedish language either so we don't want to hear it. go away, please. your opinions are not wanted or respected here. have fun in sweden and i hope you can build even more on to your list of mopeds we don't have. say i think rwanda and some other countries with similar status have even less mopeds than we do!! let's pick on anyone there who just might happen to like them and does what he/she can with the ones they have available to them!! that'll teach them to like mopeds!!

go away. and stay away. please.



-moped army-

RE: THIS SUCK! (from sweden with love)

You like the Yamaha DT? Man, you've got bad taste! A moped is not just a form of transportation, it's an image, it's a statement and your statement seems to be that you like driving on ugly rustbuckets that needs a new exhaust every year and a new cylinder every 10,000 miles! And besides that the sound they make is CRAP!

I Started out on a Honda MT5 Paris-Dakar edition. Twice as good as a DT, but when I stumbled across my Honda SS50 I immediatly SOLD that MT5. You really shouldn't be such an @!#$, ALL MOPEDS ARE EQUAL !

RE: THIS SUCK! (from sweden with love)

i like dtr..not dt..i know the dt is so is mt by the way...

have u ever seen a Yamaha DTR?

RE: THIS SUCK! (from sweden with love)



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