Moped Movies?

Hey, i was wondering if anyone could recommend any good motorcycle, moped, or scooter movies. Theme gang movies would be cool too, something along the lines of warriors, or the wild one.


swarm and destroy

moped army

RE: Moped Movies?

quadraphenia's the best, but it's scooters. look in the moped sightings forum.

RE: Moped Movies?

Reeperette /

Oh man - here's an idea - A Moped Army HELMETCAM !

Simon, we have GOT to do that, hahahaha !


(We did it once before with those little cameras Toys R Us sold, that recorded to high grade audio-type cassettes, but the helmet bracket was clumsy and off balance, and prolly broke a few safety rules as well)

RE: Moped Movies?

Simon King /

those toys r us cameras are awesome...i'd like to get ahold of one of those....


actually we are planning on a making a 2nd moped army movie - and doing somethign along these lines. I was thinking about using a webcam, but i want clearer video than that - so i'm going to try and mount an old 8mm videocamera that i have to a helmet and use that....i just have to get a new battery for it -

i'll be sure to post the footage from it - seperate from the movie.

has everyone seen the moped army movie (american style violence)? they host it at - but you have to have a high speed connection to get it right. as soon as i find a place to get cheap online space i'll post a high quality verison that even slow downloaders can grab overnight.


it seems as if most moped movies are french films. movies with mopeds in them that is - not usually fully about mopeds.

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