This is a great day for DUCKS,DUCK!

I'm really happy to be in here working on a rainy day instead of watching the rain come down whilst at home.Got a big storm comin' right now,I think.Well,guys,here's the run-down:I told you guys my windshield's broken(but still works ok)and I already got a new one the other day.I was just gonna tell `ya about my 2 late night trips the other day(didn't get back `til midnight last night).The one I didn't know the mileage on turned out to be 150 miles.I took another trip late last night because I knew this bad weather was comin' and it was around 90 miles.So I was just sittin' here thinkin' I've traveled 380 miles in four trips and am not too tired at all.Anyone out there wanna talk about some recent moped trips they've made?We know Zippy staggered his bike home from a drinkin' match,er....I mean,a wine-tasting tour the other day.Who else?Kill,KILL the boredom! (:^)

Re: This is a great day for DUCKS,DUCK!

Hey Don your lucky you can ride that far, im stuck on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean so i ride around in circles which is only about 100 mi. I should go to the track and check out the ped races, they were banned from the 1/4 mi. because the tires are not rated for 100+mph speeds so its 1/8 mi. only. Well i gatta go change my front tire which i put in the oven for a few soften the bead, slap some soapy water on the inside bead and "wa la" its on...

Re: This is a great day for DUCKS,DUCK!

I never looked at it that way before Andy.You're right!What Island are you on?I gotta sign off soon.I won't be back online `til 7PM tomorrow.I just waxed 2 floors for D.O.E.'s upcoming inspection.Sometimes I'm not a Chemical Operator,I'm a Comical Mop-Operator or a Chem-Mop!Have fun,Andy!Maybe you can make yourself a Water-Ped.They were talking about doing that on the forum.Do a search for Water-ped.Then you'd have UNLIMITED mopeding for sure!(:^)

Re: This is a great day for DUCKS,DUCK!

Until a shark mistakes you for a seal. :)

Re: This is a great day for DUCKS,DUCK!

speaking of ducks.. I took my moped down lakeside

yesturday and started doing some magic... I got alot of it complete... I wish I could get a brand new complete cables and wire set.... but I know that would be impossible so I've been just re tapeing the old wires and trying to make new cables from bike style cables.. is there a tool fir this?

anyways.. it was nice and bright sun shinny yesturday.. and the water was crystal clear..

I feed my fish everynight and they are pretty much trained.. I well I threw a hand full or two in and next thing you know I saw the ducks comming.... that is always fun..

I also saw little turtles I mean maybe the size of a baseball.. they were little little..

I really enjoyed them and gave up on working ont he moped.. I hopped int he party barge... grabbed a beer and turned on some Jimmy buffet and proceded to float about 2miles an hour around the lake.. our lake is hour glass shaped and when i got to the other part of the lake It was getting kinda darker.. sun starting to slowly go down and I heard some wierd noise...

honk honk honk... I was like.. whoa.. thats some funny ducks.. I looked up and saw a perfect V line of Canadian Goose. they landed towards my house and have been in the lake pretty much all day today.

Wow.. they are cool looking..

Re: This is a great day for DUCKS,DUCK!

Yeah,Crisis!That's why you wanna mix about a 25:1 ratio.So you can make the Sharks think you're a stinky `snail' and they'll let you be!Ha!

Re: This is a great day for DUCKS,DUCK!

Wow,Duck!You got it `made in the shade' down there!You got a cruisin' boat for the lake? That IS neat!About your cables:Handy Bikes probably has all the originals for that..............Hey!When I go to the Lakes within 540 miles of my town,I always see a bunch of Canada Geese too.They are pretty big and they will let you get fairly close to take a pic or admire them(They're bigger than a duck,Duck!).........What is it you're doin' to your cables,Duck?If it's just a length problem you just cut a `too-long' cable at a 45 degree angle with a hack-saw until you get thru the casing without hitting the cable wire itself.Then you screw or push the original end stop on the end of the cable casing and reattach it.My clutch cable the other day had gotten frayed,so I cut the cable housing,since I had the length to work with,and there was the new cable wire ready to slip into the handle lever pin.I didn't need to install a new cable since the old cable had enough length of cable housing.Get what I'm sayin'? Have Fun,Duck!

Re: This is a great day for DUCKS,DUCK!

In the last post I hit the 5 and the 4 together(with my big clumsy fingers),and it's supposed to be 40 miles from Jackson,not 540 miles.There's a good 7 or 8 lakes of good size within 40 miles of my town and LOTS of Canada Geese and ducks,DUCK! LOL!! (:^)

Re: This is a great day for DUCKS,DUCK!

Hey Don-Ohio, What you think about a Trac 3-wheeler Moped 80`s model? Looking at a nice one, I think priced "wright". What`s it worth? Doug D.

Re: This is a great day for DUCKS,DUCK!

Hey Don.. I'll send a picture of the lakes.. My girlfriend family owns the house on the lake.. mine is in town.. but I consdier it to be my house as well.. I have dated my girlfriend for about 6 years and spend more time at her place and work then i do at my home.

It is gorgous.. I wish one day I can actualy have a place of my own on the lake. Always something to do...

there is a little shop int he back.. a hot tub and a pretty big lake. No yeard hardly which is AWESOME.. i hate to mow.. most of the yard is just landscaped area not a lawn.

Ill show you a picture of the lake i i can russle up one.

I'd like to move to a big lake in Ohio or somewhere there are a few more avid mopedeer's around

Re: This is a great day for DUCKS,DUCK!

Doug,I wouldn't know.I am not into 3-wheelers as I'm afraid of the more complicated suspension and the handling aspect at higher speeds.Ree has owned a trike Tomos and Ike owns a Gyro,but I only own a 125cc Yamaha 3-wheeler and that is not road-legal and has small fat tires.Why'd you type `Wright'?Did you know I'm related to the Wright's inWV?Curious.

DUCK!I'm `old-fashioned'!

MARRY that girl and make an `honest woman' out of her, Duck!And if you came to Ohio,you wouldn't find many mopeders,I'm afraid.You are really down there near the `hotbed' of mopeding already,Florida and the Isles.I would like to see that pic,Duck! (:^)

Re: This is a great day for DUCKS,DUCK!

Hey Don-O no connection on the Wrghts, I`m just a crappy speller, get things rong some times... HA! Just figured you have been around more peds than me. Thanks! Doug D.

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