Need help with Indian wiring.

Is there a way where you can get the blinkers to work off the engine on an indian? Like bypassing the battery? Ive been searching for a combination, but havent really been sucessful at it. Of course, i would prolly have to manually flip the switch back and forth to get the blinking action, but just looking for a way to hook all this up... why not get a battery? Everybody in my area is considered retarded when it comes to mopeds... the battery just puzzles them and i would have to go take a whole day to go the the nearest city and find one. Id like to get it out on the road soon, is their any luck of doing this, or should i just rely on hand signals... haha?

Check my ped in the fourm, under the subject of American Flag Indian. I just got it painted... tell me what you think.

thanks alot

-casey jones

Re: Battery needed


Using a batery is the easiest way to avoid problems with the electrical system.

If you can't go to the battery, have the battery come to you!

JC Whitney has motorcycle batteries. (

I got one for my Vespa there at a good price. As long as you know the number, you can find the battery in their listings.


Re: Battery needed

Tekoa Jones /

thanks for the info jim, but like an idiot i goofed arround with it anyways, and now im reading what people have been sending to me. I had it running good for about 15 mins, then it just stopped... i tinkered arround, and it was flooded and i had some compression problems, but that didnt have anything to do with my current situation. I hooked my horn up to the motor, and although it wouldnt start, the horn would beep fine as long as i kept petaling. Now the horn wont work... haha... eek. Ive been goofing arround with a motorcycle battery charger and hooking them up to a ground and testing each thing. The horn doesnt work alone now... or at all i mean. So perhaps it was just its time to go... but the moped still wont fire. Although the leads from the motor still all work fine. Ive been running my ass off all day, so im gonna take a lunch break and try to dick with it somemore later. oh well, thanks for the info.



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