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My son is wanting to buy a moped for transportation on campus at Univ of FL because the parking for cars is so horrific.

He is 6'3" tall and weighs 200 lb.

We realize he will feel cramped on a mo-ped and were wondering which brands/types he might be most comfortable with.

Tall owners please share your experiences.

Also he would like to carry his girlfriend from time to time.

He would need one with capacity for 330 lb if possible.

Suggestions please.

Re: NEED ADVICE for TALL Person!

I'd say a Vespa Grande or a Honda PA50II with a big seat would be the best for two people, but 200 lbs isn't a problem for most mopeds. The Avanti Autopower is a really good two person moped as well, but they're having transmission problems with the newer ones. If you can find a used one that's a 2000 model or older, that would be a good bike for two people.

Re: NEED ADVICE for TALL Person!

Better check if it's 'legal' for two people on a moped in your state. bruce

Re: NEED ADVICE for TALL Person!

yeah, i'm with brandon on this.. my Vespa Grande can pull my girlfriend and i both without a problemand its totally stock... plus, they look way hot.

my honda pa50II would definitely pull us both with ease.. but it has some modifications. and the seat is a little smaller than the Grande...

what part of the country are you in? Zippy has some great Grande's for sale and he lives in Northern Cali. if you want to get one from him, post Attn: Zippy and ask wheat he has available. or go to <a href="></a>; ...his email and phone number are on there. he can also ship very reasonably.


Re: NEED ADVICE for TALL Person!

also, im about 6'1", 175... so im not tiny. and i just noticed you are in FL... i'd ask Zippy about shipping a Grande to you.

Re: NEED ADVICE for TALL Person!

InfectedBootSector /

l No way in hell would my Puch pull 2 people up a hill...

It won't pull me up a hill... not yet anyway...

Re: NEED ADVICE for TALL Person!

Matt Wilson /

I think that a motor scooter might be a better option for your son. It will be difficult to find a specific moped that has enough power to pull two people. It took me 5 years just to find two mopeds near my house!

I have 2 mopeds and a Yamaha Zuma scooter. My two mopeds only seat one, so I usially ride my motorscooter when my girlfriend is around. It also has more power than the two mopeds, and while I'm not as big as your son (6'1 160), I have plenty of room even with my girlfriend on the back. One significant andvantage of a scooter, is that you can buy one anywhere dirtbikes and ATV's are sold, but they generally cost a little more.


I know everyone here will yell at me for reccommending a scooter but I'm a college kid like your son, and in general the scooter is a better fit for me.

Check out Yamahas and Hondas for relatively inexpensive scooters

Re: NEED ADVICE for TALL Person!

330 lbs isnt a problem. even the older model mopeds can carry that much. it should say the weight limit on it somewhere. you would need a powerful moped for the hills

Re: NEED ADVICE for TALL Person!

I am 6'2 myself and live in florida.. my family is all form gainsville or jacksonville :0)

Glad to see someone else in my area will be riding a ped.

I like puegeot 103's size they are pretty tough and can easily hual two people around.

I have a peugeot 102 it is the smaller faster cousin of the 103... it is more suitable for 1 rider.

Hey... try going to Jax beaches to some of the local scooter shops.. often time they will sell you a few years old model pretty cheap and are able to fix them.

i saw some brand new Jinchieng (motorcycle sized 45 mph mope) called jincheing Knight.... for about 900 brand new.

they are like 3 or 4 speed have electric start.. pedals aren't required in florida .. so that or a new tomos Noped might be a wise choice.

Re: NEED ADVICE for TALL Person!

brian away /

Florida doesn't have a lot of hills though. : )

Re: NEED ADVICE for TALL Person!

Hey duck, Here in Ontario it's illegal for two people to ride on a moped, how about Florida ? bruce

Re: NEED ADVICE for TALL Person!

Hey,Cabbage!Don't listen to that `snail-lover Matt! LOL!! JUST KIDDING,Matt!Couldn't resist.The Vespa Grande is your best choice from Zippy.A Motobecane Moby will do it,and a Peugeot like Duck said,but I think you need to add footpegs.HERE is my reasoning to avoid scooters.They are easier to get hurt on `cause they mostly are faster.They are more expensive to repair generally.BUT MY BIG REASON is the safety of your son and future Daughter-in-law.If he gets a scooter,he probably has to get a MC license.This will enable him to drool at the big powerful bikes,and likely be in more danger because of speed and youthful recklessness IF he gets one.I WOULD NOT EVER buy my sons a Motorcycle.......Period.I realize some people on this forum own MC's.But there's a big difference in sliding down the road into the ditch at 30mph,versus 60-70mph.Am I right,Cabbage?(:^) P.S.:But if he wants a MC or `snail',try to talk him out of it.

Re: NEED ADVICE for TALL Person!

in FL, i believe you can get something under 250cc without hassle. I would reccommend a Honda lite 250 or 150 scooter. If you can afford it; the new Reflex is nice too. If your son wants something more fun, try a Ninja 250, they're small, but still under 250cc. All these bikes can legally fit 2 people. There arent many mopeds that can carry him AND a passenger without problems.


Re: NEED ADVICE for TALL Person!

Jamie Leonard /

I can't believe none of the mopeders thought of the obvious solution... try and find two mopeds! It might still work out cheaper than the scooter solution (especially long term), and gives a fair amount more flexibility. (if you get lucky and find a couple of used peds of similar model/vintage you can share parts in a pinch as well, so one set of spares can do both machines)

Personally I'm just not fond of double riding no matter what the power of the machine is - it's a litle more dangerous, you lose a little control/stability, etc. And trust me, once the girlfriend starts riding... she'll want her own :)

Re: NEED ADVICE for TALL Person!

If your son isn't gay, which I am sure he isn't because he has a girlfriend, he will probably have NO interest in a moped. You may want to consider gettint him a motorcycle so he can haul himself and his girlfriend arould campuis not only comfortably, but also with style!

Re: NEED ADVICE for TALL Person!

Hey dude, what's wrong with a faggot on a moped? Lot's of homos drive mopeds.

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