My new creation

heres something i made last week from an old chainsaw i had lying around

it goes faster than my 66' cady

right now it needs some carb tuning but it is very fun to ride

Re: My new creation

Very nice, how fast does it go ? Is it a spindle rubbing on the tire ? Is it engaged all the time ? Does it have a clutch ? Can you post a close-up picture of the motor ? Who's gonna win the stanley cup ? bruce

Re: My new creation

i havent had it tuned properly yet and i need to find someone to pace me in ther car for the speed i would say about 50+ km/h

its a 1'' spindle (old bike peg)

yes i removed the clutch on the motor so its all the time but i am gonna make it so it can move up and off the tire for normal driving then put it down and motor away

ill have some up close soon

but today i was riding a little on it and the L adjust screw on the carb fell out and i lost it so i got to find a new one

Re: My new creation

How many cc is that motor ? That is a throttle control on the crossbar ryght ? You usually pull a cord to start a chainsaw ,do you just peddle the bike to start it up ?bruce

Re: My new creation

I have an extra chainsaw carb lying around.

Re: My new creation

That is really great,MopedMan!Ingenuity at it's finest.Got good brakes?Are those moped wheels or bicycle?

Re: My new creation

the motor is 25cc's but very high revving im guessing it will do 11,000 rpms

there is no clutch on the motor it is directly on the tire so i start to peddle and the motor will turn and start then i throttle and im gone

it has coaster brakes so its not bad i plan on mounting a front brake also (to brake and to do burnouts:) )

i dont need a carb i just need to tune mine i also bored it out and did alot of trick things on the motor

yes that is the throttle on the frame there

they are normal bike wheels

Re: My new creation

VERY NICE,MopedMan!I bought my 11 yr.old boy a Kawasaki dirt-bike type bicycle,radical green.It has a 32cc engine(or thereabouts),tire-scrubber type.I haven't got him trained well enough on it though.That is NICE!

Re: My new creation

thanks it is fun too i love going down the street and people just look at me then relize the sound is coming from my bike

its very cool

i also have a scooter that i have a 35cc motor on should be fast too

i love3 building things

Re: My new creation

I have a kids scooter with some extra wheels and I plan to put a motor on the rear wheel. Can you give me any advise as to what's the best choice of motor, and how to mount it ? thanks bruce

Re: My new creation

nice Envoy :-D


Re: My new creation

That's ultra-cool,MopedMan! I haven't had Westy's Kawasaki out yet,but I'd bet he gets the same surprised looks that you're talking about.HaHaHaHaHaHaHaaaaa!(Bought it from `Scooter Dave' up in Michigan)I just hope the cops don't get TOO surprised,if you catch my meaning?You are really gifted mechanically,I think. (:^)

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