200cc into a moped frame?

I've got two (soon to be three) mopeds. A '78 Honda Express I picked up for $20 from a friend's dad who had had it sitting in a shed for 17 years. Runs awesome now after some cleaning up but doesn't have a title yet. The other is a '78 Puch Maxi I got for free from my auto body teacher. Engine was left in the weather without carb/intake on for a long time so I had to tear down the engine and clean it up, and it still may need a new bearing. No title for it either. I was supposed to get a Yamaha electric start moped for free from a kid (he didn't know much about it) yesterday but we had conflicting schedules. They sent off for the title for me and it should be here in a couple weeks I'd think. I'm also getting a 200cc Kawasaki motorcycle engine for guess what? FREE! LOL I seem to be getting lots of good deals lately. Anyways, which of these mopeds would be the best candidate for squishing that 200cc motor into? I would think the hardest part would be getting the right matching sprockets/chain and getting them lined up, but what other things are there to think about before getting to involved in to something like this?

Re: 200cc into a moped frame?

Ken DeKing /

Make sure your medical and life insurance policies are paid up.

Re: 200cc into a moped frame?

None of the above.

Brakes, suspension, frame, tires not engineered for this. Moped (motorized Bicycle).

Fun project but walking around and life is precious.

Re: 200cc into a moped frame?

I've heard tales about bolting a CR-80 and CR 125 to a Tomos frame.

You could search the forum, but my requests for additional info on this project didn't get much of a response.

Another alternative is the Jin Cheng Knight-- you couldn't do this with what you have, but it is a 50cc geared speed machine, qualifies as a moped in some states.

It's the manual transmission that gives the real power, and legally a moped must be an automatic.

Bolting a dirt bike engine to a moped HAS been done, it's a matter of finding out who the maniac was....

Ike maybe? Fred's probably heard of it.... Ree too. The requlars should at least remember the post where the dude was bragging about how he did it (minus any instructions)

It sounds like a great idea, to me. Keep it at 30 mph at all times, untill some jack-hole wants to push your buttons. Then leave him in a cloud of 2-stroke dust.

I like this idea, and hope to see more info!

Re: 200cc into a moped frame?

that 200cc motor is a 2 stroke? any idea what year?

dont think any will work

Dave Gregory /

i dont think any of the mopeds would be able to withstand that big of a motor. if you put it on the maxi or honda then it will bottom out really easily. you would need to get stronger lights because a 200cc would blow almost any 50cc moped light. what is the electric start one???


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