NASCAR to the next level

Compared to this, NASCAR is like a tricycle! Or is it the other way around? Any way, check out the attachment and tell me what you think...I thought it was hallarious when I made it!


NASCAR sucks!

And here is a funny site that feels how i feel. =)


Chad,I believe that the guy running that website is not only very arrogant and condescending,but stupid.I've been a racing fan for nearly 40 yrs......You cheer for what you like.There are things I hate about NASCAR racing, sure....I hate them allowing constant bumping for position at the expense of endangering other drivers' lives.I hate them making cars so equal when they should just set the guidelines and let the manufacturers develope special engines within those terms like it used to be.You can hate it Chad.But MILLIONS of hard-working people watch it and love it.I think it is by far the NUMBER ONE Spectator Sport in these Unite States.My 2 cents on NASCAR,the biggest spectator sport.(:^)


I agree! Nascar is pretty cool! To hell with the people that say that it sucks! but what about NASPED?

It'a a great decal,Rimas!

Is it a stick-on decal or just a plan for a logo?I'd put one of those on my `ped for sure if it was not too small. (:^)

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