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Robert Bentzel /

Hi I just got a 1976 Puch Maxi. I removed and cleaned the carbs and put a temp gas tank and new fuel line. And on the first kick she started right up and ran like a champ. However the engine seem to be a little clanky. Sort of like the chain was making noise. I removed the screw from the side that was on the crank case where I assume there is some sort of crankcase oil. And I could not see any oil in that area. i leaned the ped to the side and still no oil. My question is two fold.

1)What kind of oil goes in there and how much?

2)How could it be so low? Is there most likely a leak or is it because it has been sitting for 15 years?

Any help would be appreciated!



Re: Question on oil for Puch

Type F tranny fluid bro. If it is empty that will definately cause it to run "not so smooth". Fill it up until it starts to run out of the hole, then put the screw back in nice and snug.

Re: Question on oil for Puch

Should I also flush it out somehow I guess by filling it up letting it run for a few minutes then draining it and refilling. How does that sound?


Re: Question on oil for Puch

InfectedBootSector /

If it has more than 1000 miles, you may want to decarbonize the motor... this involves taking the head off, so if you don't have a trq wrench, you'll need one toy properly adjust the head.. or you could use the "uhg" factor that Ree uses...

Clean the exhaust too... if it is glogged it will cuase problems...

2.5 oz of oil to a gallon of gas...

make sure the chain has enough slack.. if it is too tight, it will make too much resistance...

Re: Question on oil for Puch

blackcat, you can fill and drain your crankcase a few times if you want. It could be pretty gooey in there. You might want to post here asking what to use, because I am not sure what is safe.

Re: Question on oil for Puch

InfectedBootSector /

For the crankcase, my manual states "5.75 oz Auto Tranny Fluid, Type F"

Has to be type f, or it may eat up the contact material on yer clutch...

Just fill it in the crankcase until it starts coming out of the hole... the fluid should be level with the hole...

Man am I glad these things don't use manual tranny fluid... that stuff stinks to high heaven!

That reminds me, I gotta replace the fluid in my Achieva and Golf... they are both due up

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