Help!!How do I wire my puch?

How can I wire my puch strait, no horn no switches or lights just spark.

off of the engine are four six wires:



green with black stripe

blue with black stripe



off of my coil is a blackwire a brown wire and of course the spark plug wire.

I have seen some wiring diagrams on the internet and they are confusing.

could someone please help me wire this one just to fire up.

I will worry about the rest later.


Re: Help!!How do I wire my puch?

I recently had problems with a honda PA 50 (no skark) and there were only 4 wires comming off my engine, what you need to do is ckeck the colour of the wire coming off the points (I'm guessing it is the grey wire but check to be sure) then connect it to the black (or brown) wire leading to your coil. I'm guessing both the black and brown wires are connected to the same spot on the coil... if so, you can touch the second one to the frame to stop the engine.

Just disconnect all the other wires and make sure none of them are grounded and it should work, or at least, it did in my case.

Good luck

P.S. the coil body must be grounded for you to get a spark!

Re: Help!!How do I wire my puch?

the brown and black wires come off of the coil in two different spots. I'm not sure if they are the same.

Re: Help!!How do I wire my puch?

Okay ,I take it that the brown wire is just a ground wire.

If I run the wire from the points to my coil will this burn my up my pionts?

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