Problem... or is it?

I still can't seem to get this thing running. I've taken the motor completely down and all, and supplemtarily broken a bit of the heatsink on the rear of the carburetor before realising something kind of odd. Is this thing (the cylindrical thing with a notch in it sticking out of the rear of the carburetor at the far right of no.92 at the piston at all? Should it move? Or have I been banging at something more serious, but unneeded, instead of the real problem?

RE: Problem... or is it?

Huh? Something sticking out of the carb? It won't be the piston, that's for sure ...

Maybe it would be a good idea if you went to the library and got a book about basic cumbustion engine technologies.

RE: Problem... or is it?

No, not sticking out of the carb. In the picture, do you see the cylindrical thing coming out of the rear of the rear-part of the carburetor? In short, should I be able to look clear through the rear part of the carburetor (no.92, right), or not?

RE: Problem... or is it?

Jon Lewis /

Do you even know what a carborator is? In that diogram the carborator is parts #6-36 or completed as #37. #92 is the cyilender. Are you sure you know what you are talking about? To me it dosent sound like you should be dismantiling an engine.

Get a book Tabris

Get the simplest book about motorcycle engines and read the chapter "How an engine works"... and I think your Veaspa is a 2-stroke.... so see if it says anything about those..... and compare the parts to yours to learn about it..... not everything will be exactly the same.

RE: Get a book Tabris


By reading all the previous posts I think you are in over your head. What you are calling the carburetor ("the part to the right of #92") is the cylinder. The carburetor is part #37.

I have a Grande also and although they are not that difficult to work with, you must know what you are trying to accomplish and how to do it. Also if you are doing things without a careful plan of action, you can't be sure if a problem has been eliminated before proceding on to the next step.

That switch on the headlamp that doesn't have the key in it is the ignition switch. The motor won't run without it no matter what positon the switch on the right handle bar is on.

Don't take anything else apart until you understand what you are doing. Breaking a "heatsink" is not the way to do things.

Fred is right. Get the book.

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