Is it illegal to modify a moped engine to make it go faster. I.E. porting and polishing

Re: Illegal?

yes it is a felony and will be sent to prizon for 15-20 years minimum. dont do it!

Re: Illegal?

No, as Long as it doesn't exceed Federal, State or Local definitions of a "Moped" i.e. can not be more than 2 HP, can not exceed 30 mph, must be automatic shift must have pedals and capable of being propelled by same.

You can modify your moped to ride "off rode" where street laws don't apply, in other words it would no longer be "Street Legal"

If want to do something illegal and get by with it, get a MBA from a Top school and become a CEO of a large corportion.

Re: Illegal?

It is illegal, but most cops have no idea...we all do it, just don't get caught going 40+ on your ped and you will be okay.

Re: Illegal?

Ken DeKing /

No One is going to check the size of your engine, and only a dorky cop would give you a ticket for speeding unless it was in a school zone or some other obviously stupid place. If you want to do it, just do it.....Ken D

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