G'day from Australia!


I'm from Perth in Western Australia and I recently bought my first moped, a Bolwell/PGO Arriba. She's a 49cc monster (biggest 49cc you can get here) called Chloe. The Arriba is also known as a T-Rex in Australia. I've had a bit of trouble finding out about her internal workings on the net, though. She and I hoon around the suburbs of Perth causing trouble and harassing anything going slower (pedestrians, birds etc.).

Surprisingly, we don't get much harassment from cage drivers, might be due to her size (more like a motorbike). We love to go on down to Fremantle and have a nosey around the warf and markets. I'm a bigger sized girl but she copes with her big rider just fine and her fastest is 85Kph so far. I still can't convince my Grandma to come for a ride with me (she prays while she knows I'm on it! lol). Chloe weighs around 110 Kilos (heavy for a 49cc) so I tell people a thinner person just wouldn't be able to handle her. My dream would be to go up to a 125cc one day but for now, Chloe and I are happy. One question, what kind of helmets do you all wear? I've got an open face deep blue helmet with a removable face shield.

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IN Canada an approved motorcycle helmet is needed to ride a moped. I wear a half circle scooter type deal. It's not the safest but it sure looks cool. I liked the term 'have a nosey around' Is this an Aussie term, I've never heard it before,it's charming. How common are mopeds there. bruce

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Reeperette /

>>One question, what kind of helmets do you all wear?<<

A very, very battered old Arai open-face.


Having a nosey around

G'day Bruce

Yep, it's one of those Aussie terms like aveagoodweegend and she'll be right, mate. About mopeds in Australia, they're experiencing a revival over here. Like all countries, we feel we're getting a few too many cars so some people are riding bikes, buses or mopeds to work and for fun. Unfortunately, we're not big on the classic mopeds, we tend to buy whatever is new this year. We are very good at classic motorcycles, though, and often have trouble with roving motorcycle gangs on Harleys, gangs called The Coffin Cheaters and God's Garbage. I know, don't ask me, I only live here! If I had it my way, all Aussies would be on mopeds and we'd hoon around on those instead. Tell me about your moped??


PS Chuck a few shrimp on the barbie for me, mate!

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My moped is the 1972 Vespa Ciao in the photo section. I found it being thrown out last May and restored it to all it's former glory. It had been rusting away for 25 years and wasn't in very good shape. I have to send to San Diego U.S. for parts but at least I can still get them. My moped is a 'rollscanardaly' , rolls down one hill can hardly make it up the next. It's not that reliable as transportation, more of a challenge to keep running. I'm not familiar with yours, can you post a picture of it. bruce

Vespa Ciao


Well done for putting such a great effort into restoring your Vespa, even if she is a 'rollscanardaly' lol. A good picture of an Arriba can be found at http://www.motorini.com.au/index2.html The one in the picture is a 125cc but the 49cc looks exactly the same, just a less powerful engine.

Cloe's colour is 'Silver Mist' but you'll get a good idea of what she looks like. It's soooo rainy here today and Chloe and I can't go for a ride! :o( lol But she's such a good girl - refuses to take more than $4.50 worth of premium unleaded petrol! Where do you ride on your Vespa?

Re: Vespa Ciao

This looks like a scooter to me . Does yours have peddles like a bicycle, or do your feet rest on a platform all the time ? To be a moped it must have working peddles over here. There's a big difference in plate, & insurance fees and also you do not need a motorcycle licence. bruce


G'day Bruce

Yep, you got me, Chloe is a scooter. The two terms moped and scooter are used interchangeably over here but I know what you mean by the pedals etc. You only need a motorcycle licence over here if the moped/scooter is over 50cc. So, I am, perhaps, an intruder/imposter on this forum :o( lol but it's been great writing to you.



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