What to buy?

Hi All,

Looking for advice. Live in Maine. Considering buying a moped. State law says: not more than 30 mph, less than 50cc displacement, not more than 2 h.p. Requires turn signals, brake lights, etc. Can't shift once engine engaged.

Big issue here is hills! More than speed I need torque. Also roads tend to be torn up from freeze thaw cycles, so something that handles bumps and ruts well is of interest. Any suggestions on what to buy?

Re: What to buy?

I live in maine, I love the tomos. state law is silly, no one, not the cops, city hall or DMV knows squat.

you can run a 70cc upgrade, with speed gear and a performance exhaust and the most you'd end up with is a speeding ticket.

where in maine? Don't worry about the "rules"

Do you want a moped, and not a scooter? There are no sales places for mopeds in Maine :(

anyway, you can have one shipped--- no hassle, limited assembly.

checky out stevesmopeds he's got all the new cool mopeds, and I think they ship.

Re: What to buy?

Ken DeKing /

I bought my Avanti Autopower from Steve's. It came to me from a distributor in AZ, so Steve's never saw it before it got to me. That was OK because I don't mind doing a little assembly work, but it would have been nice to have the dealer prep it and check it out first. I'm very happy with the Avanti....Ken D

Re: What to buy?

Hey Ed!If you got a lot of bumps and ruts,you want to avoid the little snail scooters with their teeny diameter tires.Go for a moped with 16" or 17" tires.The Avanti has HD suspension and Motorcycle grade tires.I hope they've solved their tranny lock-up problems.............Don't buy the Avanti Mont....it's only a single-speed `ped and you want power.

Re: What to buy?

Personally I think you cant beet the old peds. Look for a nice 2 speed Sachs or Puch on ebay. Good pick up, good top end, generally pretty reliable and easy to fix, what more could you ask for.


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