ford engine cleaner

i dropped the engine on my scooter 2day & cleaned the 3000 miles of NASTY black/brown carbon out of the exhaust port, off the piston top, and in the combustion chamber. i did this because it had never been done before (since i owned the bike) and it overheated on me 3 times today (felt almost like it was soft-seizing, just ground 2 a halt). im gonna take apart the carb and clean it, also gonna get new seals for it.

also, im afraid to clean out my muffler with that ford stuff, because i think it may be fiberglass packed! it looks like a big canister on the end with a dinky lil pipe stickin out the end (ill post pics in another thread if you wanna see it) i heard honda spree mufflers (which look similar) are glass-packed, but also welded shut like this one, is there any way i can tell?

by the way, the scooter's cylinder has a thin steel head gasket, heated it flippin hot with a propane torch before puttin the head on, like my moped repair book said, so now i think im ok top end wise. only thing left is that damn muffler

p.s. i know its a SCOOTER, but its engine is IDENTICAL to a mopeds (i think the transmission is a variator like a vespa caio's too!)


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