82 express runs dies out

runs and goes after driving a few minutes starts to bog out then if you floor it it clears out once it dies no restart has spark ,cleaned carb new plug tried adjust carb could it be the spark plug cap it does arc maybe heating up and shorting the spark to minimal help may be needle seat sticking need help...just got it bd

Re: 82 express runs dies out

Brad, I'm not an expert, but I keep learning, and reading the posts. I owned a 1978 express. It was a good bike,

Mine finally died, with very similar problems. I alwasy assumed it was the carb that had gone bad. I had a hard time finding parts, and the carb never made it back onto the bike. That was the end of that.

One thing that sucks about fixing mopeds, is it always seems like there's a moment of zen when it runs just fine and everything is perfect and then blubblubbuhbuhbuhblaaaah the moment of zen is gone, and your moped won't run.

Re: 82 express runs dies out

Truer words were never spoken, It's just day to day. bruce

Re: 82 express runs dies out

Hey my puch did that, and it turns out the float was bent, and it was shutting off the gas too early. check the fuel flow from your tank. Clean all filters, and then try it.

Re: 82 express runs dies out

Ron Brown /


When it dies and won't restart, splash a little fuel in the intake and see if it runs for a moment. If so, you need fuel.

Check flow from the tank and make sure you are not getting crud from the tank.

Make sure the gas cap vent is not plugged.


Re: 82 express runs dies out

I had the same problem 2 days ago, I tried everything, then i found that the exhaust was clogged.

Mine would idle fine, then it wouldn't revv up.


Re: 82 express runs dies out

fixed thanks for all the input, guys on the express page thermowiz is the master he told me to take the carb off again to unclog the tiny port as you look down where the slide goes we used a parts tag the thin wire part took some doing the blew compressed air thru and soaked it finally got it idles good the scooter runs good has 1700 miles 82 iowa urban express deluxe model may sell need a bigger eng 50 cc to slow for me it is fun thanks everyone bd

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