bore kit bogging

i recently put a bore kit on my 99 Targa LX. it runs great for the most part, but when i get the moped up to about 45 mph, it starts to back-fire a lot. why does it do this, and what do i have to do to fix it? ive played with the mixture a little, but it dosent seem to help. maybe im tuning it wrong?

RE: bore kit bogging

Sounds like a compression problem perhaps?

Check yer head gaskets, make sure they're on properly

I dont have a targa, but my best guess


RE: bore kit bogging

Reeperette /

Only a guess, mind..but i would say thin out the mixture.

Backfire is generally a sign of too much fuel, but if it's only doing that in the high end, perhaps it's the jetting of the carb.

I am sure someone who knows more than I about this will be along the meantime, thin down yer mixture and see if that helps.

(For gods sake tho, don't seize yer motor over it, be careful, ok ?)


RE: bore kit bogging

If the exhaust is leaking it'll backfire too (and will generally run like sh*t). Check the exhaust bend and expansion chamber for cracks and thighten up the exhaustmanifold onto the cylinder.

It could be a totally different problem BTW ... just a thought.

RE: bore kit bogging

actually, the pipe is leaking where the 2 peices meet, and at the manifold. but its really backfiring, its popping and spitting.

i leaned the mixture out all the way, and it still pops at high speed, and on downhills. would a different size jet help? if so, wat size? how should i adjust the 2 screws on the carb?.

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