i need speed ... please help me

My Bianchi Snark only runs at about 15 mph. I'm about to put in a larger piston and cylinder head and manifold. So that SHOULD help, eh? But if anyone has any other tips on how to boost my speed to a less-laughable level, please do let me know. I'd like to get all the stuff done at the same time as I put in the new piston and all that. And I'd like to reach a zen-like 30 mph before it gets too cold to ride in Michigan. Thanks!

RE: i need speed ... please help me

Only 15 Mph? There must be something seriously wrong with your ped. Any ped should run at least 30 Mph with the original cylinder and piston if it's in good working order. My Honda SS50 does 50 Mph with the original 49cc cylinder and piston but the rest of the bike is highly tuned. I'd advise you to recalibrate the carburettor and set the ignition on time first, you should go faster than 30 Mph if you do so.

RE: i need speed ... please help me

If anyone can give me some direction on how to either recalibrate my carburator or set the ignition on time, please let me know. I don't know much about mopeds, but I do know how to take apart my carburator. Thanks in advance!

RE: i need speed ... please help me

Mr.Hayusodumb /

whie you no give moped to fo you 9 years-old brotha,then bye kawasakis ninja 250pp motosickle it cheap an go fast.

RE: i need speed ... please help me

Never seen a Honda SS50 huh?

When I get that 110cc engine I ordered the only thing you'll see on that 250cc KawaSICKy you drive IS MY TAILLIGHT!!

And Kawa's are not cheap at all, THEY DON'T last 30 years.

RE: i need speed ... please help me

To set the ignition you'll have to take the flywheel off, the ignition is underneath it. Screw out the sparkplug, turn the krankshaft and look through the sparkplughole. Now you can see the piston, turn the krankshaft untill the piston is closest to the sparkplughole, it's now set on top dead center. Now loosen up the contactbreakers at the ignition and tighten them again with a 0.4mm gap between them (or use your thumbnail, works fine). Now you've set the ignition on time, replace the flywheel.

Look at the color of the electrodes on the sparkplug, they should be coffeebrownish, if they are then leave the carburettor alone. If they're too light the mixture will have to be made richer, if the electrodes are blackened the mixture will have to be made leaner. You can change the mixture by replacing the main jet in the carburettor (coppery screw with a tiny hole in it in the center of the carb above the floatbowl), the size of the jet is stamped into it. The jetsize controls the mixture at full throttle, the needle controls the mixture at half throttle, set it lower for a leaner mix or higher for a richer mix.

RE: i need speed ... please help me

Jon Lewis /

Mr. Hayso, I cant wait till I putt by you as you sit on the side of the road sobbing cause you blew the crap out of your engine on you P.O.S. rice rocket! Ha Ha see ya later loser!

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