spark plug for sachs

I've been searching, to find out which plug I need for my moped. the auto zone people have the NKG B6HS listed as the one for my motor. Moped Junkyard lists Bosch W7A. I figure that I should go with Bosch- keep it all european, but was wondering which platinum plug to go with.

A lot of people recomend the Bosch Platinum 4214... Is this a correct cross reference fo the one I need?

I'm thinking about just buying a pile of plugs (if I can find them) and seeing what works best.

Also, does the heat range of the plug affect the actual running tempuraature of your engine? Would it be better to run a cooler plug in a hot climate?

Or, would a too- cool plug cause the mix to burn later, same as advancing your timing?

heat range

nevermind about the heat range - I think I found an explanation.

Re: heat range

yep, most mopeds i know (minarelli, garelli, vespa, sachs, puch) use that bosch platinum 4214. i think most of us swear by it. if it's the same as a champion L86C or something like that, the bosch i mentioned is it.

morini and (i think) motobecane, however, need diffrent plugs.

Re: heat range

Depending on the oil ratio you use. If you run 3 ounces oil to a gallon you can still run the regular plugs in the Morini. But if you use 4 ounces you should use a NGK BPR6ES. I like this combination a little better even though it makes the engine run hotter.


Longer threads for Franco-Morini

Yes,Miguel! Most Morinis take a longer threaded plug than a Minarelli.I'm running a Champion N3C on my kitted Morini,but after this break-in I'm going to re-evaluate the heat range of it.

Re: spark plug for sachs -found

Well, after just buying a pile of plugs, I found out that the champion 811c or l82c works the best right now. the bosch platinum 4214 didn't make that great of a spark, and the ngk's were a close second (b6hs and b7hs)

I'm still running a little lean, and am going to adjust that.

Spring for the kick-starter of Motori Minarelli V1

Manfred Hoellrigl /

My moped is a Aprilia Under 18, from 1980. The engine is from Motori Minarelli. May be V1. I have damaged the spiralspring from the kick-starter and I can

Re: Spring for the kick-starter of Motori Minarell

Manfred,call Mopedwarehouse at 1-877-268-6909(in New Jersey,U.S.) and ask them.

Re: Spring for the kick-starter of Motori Minarell

Matt Wilson /


I'm having some problems with my sachs and the tranny pin.. please take a look at the thread... Sachs Problem..

Also did you notice a difference in speed between the various spark plugs?

PS..were you the guy that won my peugeot on eBay and backed out? Now hard feelings if you were.


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