Blown engine

david f martin /

On my way to work this morning. Pulled it apart on my lunch break, found piston missing a chunk from one corner, broken lower ring, and a small chunk from the bottom of one of the intake ports.

I can't afford the whole setup from the Honda dealer this weekend (around $200), so I hope to polish up the jagged edges on the intake port and just replace the piston and rings (about $50). Parts should be here Tuesday. I will keep you posted on whether this works.

In the meantime, I'm on the hunt for a new top end, possibly a larger bore if I can find it. This is an '87 Honda Elite 50s. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated...


Re: Blown engine

When my dirtbike blew a ring, it did the same thing. I took the cylinder to a machine shop, and ordered a bigger piston. They overbored it for 40 bucks. The oversize piston was another 40. It cost barely anyything in comparison to a whole cylinder. They can probably bore it easily. As to whether the stock piston will work, it depends on the damage. even minor cylinder damage can be devastating to performance, and generally causes major problems. IT may work for a while, but chances are it will blow again. Also, to put in a new piston, i would recomend a glaze buster hone, to get rid of the sheen on the cylinder wall. otherwise the rings won't seat correctly.

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