I saw one at the pawn shop for 350, upon closer inspection it revealed a really bad paint job,,red, over the decals and all the engine tilted up and the speedo went to 40 had funky almost white mag wheels on it.. not a tank top and no id tag that I could find? anybody know what it is???Rog

Re: Tomos

sprint, or targa--- what year, oil injected?

Re: Tomos

Reeperette /

Ya only got so many models.

Bullet - A3 engine hexagonal cylinder.

Sprint - A5 engine square cylinder, no engine cowling.

Targa - A5 engine square cylinder, has engine cowling.

Colibri -Funky lookin exhaust pipe, up and around.

Should be easy to identify.

ID tags generally placed on front fork post, but that one's glued up and removable (or in the case of thieves, they can change it)...the other is on the right (as you face the ped) side just under the seat and usually riveted on.


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