Question or two for Garret

Reeperette /

Wanted to ask ya somethin...

>>i have 2 get a car, or truck, put my scooter in TWO "45 slides" 2day trying 2 avoid makin dents in peoples doors,<<

Ok, I've never done that trick with a scooter, does it work as well as with a moped ?

And what kinda scooter is it, so I knows it can be done with that kind....

Make sure to check your tires and wheel alignment too, a really bad "45 crash stop" and put em out of kilter.

Glad to see someone else mastered that trick and saved their ass with it, makes me feel good, yanno ?


Re: Question or two for Garret

Matt Wilson /

what does that mean?

Ya got me

Ree's posts usually make perfect sense to me. He's helped me dozens of times.

BUT, that message you refer to--- I have no idea what in the hell he's getting at.

Something about carrying mopeds in a pickup and not damaging other vehicles?

Re: Ya got me

InfectedBootSector /

no... he slid the moped at a 45 degree angle to avoid a collision...

Re: Question or two for Garret

its a Qingqi Mulan 50, lil chinese tank of a bike, i havent been able 2 kill it yet!

i raced Minicycles for 6 years (6 till 12 years old) so i got pretty good at throwing 50's around, i checked the tire alignment, its ok, the slides were both facing "into" the transmission side of the bikes mono posto rear end (thank god)

spring break's comin up 4 me, time to get all those nasty lil chores done, like a muffler and cylinder head decarbon (gonna try the ford engine cleaner trick), and new tires, i shouldnt have to slide 2 stop.


Re: Question or two for Garret

Reeperette /

>>what does that mean?<<

A 45-slide "crash stop" is an emergency manuver used on mopeds to avoid or minimize collision risk/damage.

The moped is "muscled" to 45 degrees from it's original angle of travel, and leaned way over as the brakes are locked up and the rider drags the opposite heel behind him.

Done correctly, it puts a tremendous amount of rubber and braking power at your disposal and may prevent a collision.

If there is a collision however, it also puts the entire mass of the moped between you and whatever you hit, creating a "crumple zone" that may save your life.

Best practiced on the driveway before tried in real life.

Worth learning it, however.


Re: Question or two for Garret

What is the

Re: Question or two for Garret

sorry, that one is mine- it's this engine/carb cleaner that Ford sells. It's either pourable or a spray. Really nasty stuff--It eats carbon and sludge. I guess if you really wanted to, you could pour it down your spark hole, let it sit for a while and drain it out thru the exhaust by rotating your crank. You'd probably want to pour a little 2 stroke oil in the cylinder before you tried to start it, just for caution's sake.

You are supposed to pour it thru Your car's carb while the engine is running untill it chokes on it, then let it sit. After a while you start it up again and belch huge clouds of white smoke for a while - but your engine will run better than it has in a long, long time. I learned about the stuff from a friend of mine who has one of the fastest mustang SVO's in the state. It did wonders for my old buick.

I personally like soaking dirty nasty parts in it, and having them come out perfectly clean. Really impressive stuff.

Re: Question or two for Garret

InfectedBootSector /

Where does one find this miracle cure? Price?

ford cleaner

You need to go to the parts counter at a well-stocked Ford dealership. I think that it costs around $5 or so.... I havn't gotten any in a while. I also don't remember the part number. I think if you serch for "ford" it would turn up pretty quick.

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