Tomos 70cc moped stop stall

I've got a 2000 Tomos targa with the 70cc kit, bi-turbo (about 150 miles on 70cc upgrade - 5000 miles total).

I've just pulled it out of the garage for the spring and it was running fine for about 3 days.

Now, whenever I come to a stop it... put,put, pfsss and dies.

I can start it on it's stand and it runs fine (as long as the rear wheel is free to spin). As soon as I apply the breaks (while on the stand) and the wheel slows ... it dies.

My idle is set fairly high and there's lots of speed if the wheel is free to spin.

Any idea of where I can check? Sounds like some engine/trans problem?

-> This may not be related, but I've noticed that when I wheel the bike backwards -- their's a slight click / resistance.

Thanks for the advice!


Re: Tomos 70cc moped stop stall

Ron Brown /


Your idle is set too high. The ped should not try to move at idle. You need to reduce the idle speed and then adjust the idle mixture until the engine will keep running.


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