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Okay, I've dropped the engine and tranny. I can see the manifold (isnt the manifold where the carb connects to?)

and I can see the 'head' and the opening that leads to the cylinder where the piston is... I won't have a new carb for a month, and I plan on doing a lot of work on this moped. Should I pull the head, and look at the chamber and rings and piston?

I don't want a larger mess on my hands, but like Ree says, you don't want to drop that transmission/engine unless you absolutely have to.

I do not intend to open the transmission at all, but I would like to gain some experience and knowledge about the head and piston/rings set up.

Is there anything in there that could be causing the moped to stall as soon as it releases the choke??


Oh, yeah, where is the link to the carb restoration? Do I just soak it in kerosine overnight and pump high pressure oxy through it when done?

What hole(s) do I pump the air through.

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Re: Another Question (Ree?)

Ron Brown /


It's a manifold if it feeds more than one cylinder. Peds have an intake, but the function is the same.

There is nothing in the engine that would cause the ped to stall when the choke releases if the engine runs good with the choke on. A possible exception is an air leak between the intake and cylinder or carb.

You can look at the inside of the cylinder and at one side of the rings by removing the exhaust and looking through the port.

When you clean the carb, make sure you draw pictures when you take it apart. Unscrew any jets which have a screwdriver slot or hex end. Soak all the parts in carb cleaner or kerosene then look carefully at the carb body, you will be able to see where there are holes drilled, the casting will usually have obvious lumps which allow for those drillings. You can also see where the holes enter the float bowl ot the venturi of the carb body. Blow them all out with compressed air. Sometimes, a hole will have 3 exits, in this case, block one at a time with your finger to force the air through each passage.

When you think it is clean, use a magnifier and a bright light to examine all of the small holes, including in the jets. You need to make sure that these holes do not have a build up of corrosion or other crud in them. If you do this, you should be fine.

As for doing all this "hop up" work, my 2 cents worth is that you should make it run as well as possible stock, before doing anything else. Otherwise you have no reference to compare performance and you could wind up trying to solve problems that you had before you started the mods.


Re: Another Question (Ree?)

You're "Da Bomb"

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Re: Another Question (Ree?)

you could look at to see the parts of has some diagram, etc. Dan

Re: Another Question (Ree?)

Reeperette /

>>Should I pull the head, and look at the chamber and rings and piston?<<

Unless you like having to go through alla that over again ? YES.

>>Is there anything in there that could be causing the moped to stall as soon as it releases the choke??<<

Common problem...with a Tomos, specially an old Bullet, they take their good ole fashioned time warmin up to the point where you should pop the choke off.

Don't do so until it starts to bog out and four-stroke, and see if that helps - yer prolly poppin it too early you throttle-gorilla, heh

(ungh!, Ungh!, fasta-fasta!)

As fer what else could cause that ? clogged filter under the fuel intake screw, vaccum leak, most usually at the front of the carb where it clamps to the "tube" widget, thottle cable attached to the slide wrong maybe - but that usually causes a choke-won't-come-off kinda hassle.

As for the Trans case, leave that the hell alone for the nonce, it's no fun to work on, and you don't have spare gaskets can pop the left side cover off if you wanna better look at the chain and electrical components however - and how the oil injector works if ya have one.

>>Do I just soak it in kerosine overnight and pump high pressure oxy through it when done?<<

Prettymuch, tho I use the "Tootbrush" from an M4 cleaning kit and scrub on anythin what looks carbonated...and make sure it's high air pressure, a spray can will not do.

>>What hole(s) do I pump the air through.<<

All of em, preferably, and there's a damn lot of em...main jet, that little brass tube thru the middle of the carb are most notorious clog-collectors.

Oh yah...if you have oil injection, tuck a spare spark plug and a small plug wrench in there under the seat next to the oil tank - there's just enough room and you'll thank me later.


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