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i was wondering if anyone knows were i can get a head gasket for a tomos a35 engine.ive looked around and people say that they dont have them anymore. i tried to use the moped without one and the compresion all came out the head. oh adn my moped dosent pedal. its a one chain and it was working then nothing. the pedals have some resistance and i hear clanking but it doesnt catch. everything else is fine.



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If there is no chance to get a new factory gasket, you could try to make it yourself from a used aluminum beer can, why not? Cut the can so that you have a flat sheet of foil, mark the shape according to the old gasket, or to the head profile, and cut it out with metal cutting scissors. Be careful when cutting out the center hole - it must be exactly the same diameter as the bore and should be smooth and perfectly round without any burr and rough edges, so that none of them stick into the combustion chamber when you have assembled the cylinder. Otherwise, they will heat up and cause pre-ignition. And one more thing - before assembling, you should slightly heat up the new gasket with a lighter or anything like that to make it softer because the initial material is quite stiff due to lacquer.

Do not worry about the foil thickness - it's nearly the same as that of a conventional gasket.

RE: head gasket

thanx dude! i was gonna make it out of a cerial box. that works too. well if anyone knows why my ped isnt pedaling please tell me cause i need to know. ree you should know this.thanx


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Reeperette /

You're right, I do.

But you will have to take the transmission apart to fix it.

I've only had it happen once, but sometimes the little piece in there slips out of where it is supposed to be.

(I know how to fix them, but being self-taught, have no clue what the parts are called)

Right smack in the middle of the transmission is this little piece that looks like a sideways "U", alright ? - now that piece is somehow integral to pedalling the bike, don't ask me how - but it is, if it slips out of where it is supposed to stop, you can start the bike ok, but when you try to peddle, all you get is a rattling sound.

As to how to fix it other than taking the transmission apart and putting it back together ? dunno - also, this is more rare, but possible....there is a little drive chain inside the trans that is part of the pedalling assembly to, and it might be broken, still, it looks like you will wind up taking the tranny apart either way.

Get an oil-catch pan, and a quart of 10w30, and the paper seal-gaskets for the transmission seals BEFORE you take it apart, too - because if you are going to disassemble it, best to use new fluid (the 10w30) than put the old stuff back in there, especially if due to this problem it has metal bits floating in it.

And when you take it apart, you can forget re-using the seal gaskets currently in place, it just flat don't work.

Good luck on that one, the whole transmission is actually damn simple once you take a good look at it, and using a little logic, and good preparation, it shouldn't be too hard to fix this.

As for the gasket, beer can, hahaha - that's a neat idea !

Normally the A3 doesn't have gaskets, it's supposed to be a metal-to-metal seal, but since it's two different metals, over time it doesn't seem to work too well in practice (looked good on paper, I guess).

For mine, I went to the local hobby store and bought some sheet material used for shims, and luckily two different types (found out the hard way that brass doesn't work) but I suggest you simply buy aluminum to begin with.

Since it's cheap, buy a couple different thicknesses, just in case...you may have to play by ear to get that one to work out.

I hope all that helps some,


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Reeperette /

Oh...on the "A35" thing...I have no idea why, but some of the Bullets, in the owners manuals and even some of the decals on the 'peds themselves- say "A35" Engine.

(Mine did, I still have that manual around here somewhere..)

Actually that's a misnomer - the Bullets used an A3 engine, and the Targa uses an A5 engine, so there isn't really an "A35", so when you are looking for parts, specify "A3" - otherwise you might wind up with parts that don't fit.

Some shops, who shall remain nameless, tend to screw that one up even if you DO specify, as do many cycle shops when yer forced to order parts from them.


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ok cool man. i sorta know what u are talking about. your talking about the thing behind the chain drive thing right?it looks like a u sorta and at each end there are little circle things. does the pedals not working have anything to do with the metal bit floating in my tranny oil?! i took it apart and saw it everywhere but the tranny looks good. so thats all. im going to get parts tommaro so ill askt the guys too.(they cna give a better description than ayone online). well thanx


RE: head gasket

that little thing with the two circles on the end????? is that a circlip maybe..

RE: head gasket

The Moped WareHouse /

We have the A-35 head gaskets in stock and if needed would be more than willing to set you up with a copy of the pages from the factory repair manual having to do with the trans.




Toll free US# 877-268-6909

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