Virtual Moped Dragrace.... here

here on this forum... lets do it

Time our peds to 30mph.

And compare numbers here.

Lots of people here have modified their peds... and I always wonder how fast they really are.

sooooooo... lets have a virtual Ped dragrace here to compare.

Here is what I figure will work.. its not perfect.. but it should give us all a fair idea of what is what.

... Everybody should find a flat straight area near them.. and use a wristwatch to simply time their... "time to speed".

Just sit on the ped... look at the wristwatch.. and when the hand gets to the 12 (or whatever)... they go to full throttle.

Then watch the speedo and glance at the watch when it hits 30.

I figure we should use 30 mph because most of the peds here can do 30... and several speedos only go to 30 or 35.

And its no use comparing the time to different top speeds.

(though we could toss in the top speed for fun too)

We will have to accept that all speedos are not that accurate.

(it ain't perfect... maybe fun though)

Would go something like this.

James Brown... 82 Motobecane XXY.. 32 sec to 30.. 36 top.

Jimi Hendrix..... 78 Puch Maxi....... 38 sec to 30.. 34 top

Kurt Cobain..... 81 Honda PA50II... 42 sec to 30.. 32 top

Frank Sinatra.... 98 Tomos Targa.... 31 sec to 30.. 36 top

Slow guy........ 85 Puch Maxi........ 36 sec to 28mph.. 38 top

I'll have some kind of numbers by the end of the week for my PA50I ... (I will be slower than average I think)

Ree should too.

..... wattayatink ? ... ; )

Re: Virtual Moped Dragrace.... here

well, I don't have a speedo, right now. How about a distance like 100' or something... except for the fact you have to measure it out. Hell, most drag racing is "virtual" it's just on a 1/4 mile. Just think of all the people who have a 12 second car- or at least say they do. ;)

Re: Virtual Moped Dragrace.... here

Some owners aren't sure if there speedo is in mph or kph .You might get some interesting times. My ped only goes 27 mph, this really hurts my feelings. bruce

Re: Virtual Moped Dragrace.... here

as soon as the roads dry up a bit here, I'm all over this :)

Re: Virtual Moped Dragrace.... here

Reeperette /

Currently ?

0-30 in whatever it takes Fred's truck to reach 30, ha!

we'll see tho.


Re: Virtual Moped Dragrace.... here

sounds like fun, i'm in for sure!!!

Re: Virtual Moped Dragrace.... here

Good idea,Fred,BUT unfair to us 230+ pounders!I could put my 75 lb. boy Weston on mine and it'd get there twice as fast without me holdin' it back.Need to specify weight class.LOL!

Re: Virtual Moped Dragrace.... here

Well then Don... you do it both ways (him and you) and put both numbers on here.

Its always interesting to see what kind of difference you get.

MBartell.... I don't like the 100 feet deal... thats too short.. and you have to go out and measure it (most won't/can't)... and then you can only use that one spot (IF you mark it).

My way any of us can do it anytime anywhere its flat and level.

(gotta have speedo and watch though... most people do)

Bruce... I believe all peds sold in the US have MPH for the speedo... many have kilometers for the ODO... but MPH for the speedo per DOT rules.. (they might have kph too.. but they are supposed to have MPH... you just have to read the right scale).


That also why I feel most people are off on the "Mileage" thread on here.. they are reading KPG... but they are calling it MPG... if they say 130 MPG.. they mean 130 KPG... which means they are actually getting 90MPG.


Anyway... timing them will not only be informative... but it is the best way to tune your bike... time it... make a change... time it again... Better or worse ?... Now you know... (temperature has an effect.. so what)

Re: Virtual Moped Dragrace.... here

Spike Bachman /

If I go full throttle right off the bat my ped goes:

"bahh - hhhh- hhhhhh...." and then there's a bad smell.

I'll be feathering my throttle. Spike

Re: Virtual Moped Disgrace

My moped will go from 0 - 30 in about 6 months.....

Good idea,Fred!

Weston really can't do that yet ,Fred.But I could find a lightweight guy or gal somewhere,I guess that's a little older and just as light.ABOUT THE METRIC SYSTEM:Just remember this,Fred.I have calculated MY mileage to the 1% range.I know it takes 2 minutes at an exact 30 mph to go one mile.Math is my strong suit.My speedo is off 7.5 to 8% on speed and 7.5% on the odometer.It registers slow.So it registers only 9.25 10ths per mi. or a little less every time it passes a mile marker.My `ped will do an actual 40 mph EASILY(especially with the Polini exhaust I just installed) on the level,but not on a slight upgrade since like I say we are talking a gross weight of over 400 lbs. when I'm the rider,sad to say.LOL!!

Re: Virtual Moped Disgrace

Ron Brown /


I like that. I tell people that when I was a kid and first owned cars, 0-60 was a dream and a standing 1/4 mile was a long trip.


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