just a question

i was just wondering if anyone knew how much 1969 honda 90cc super cubs were worth. if you do that would be great.



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RE: just a question

Honda fourstrokes are still common in Holland (where I live). If your C90 is rotten, ugly, doesn't run and such it's worth about $200. over here. If it runs it's $300. If it runs and looks ok and is in a reasonable condition it's about $600. A C90 in topcondition is worth about $1000 and the revised models (new engine, new barings, everything as good as new) cost about $2000. I know that Honda fourstrokes are very rare in the US so if I were you I'd ask a little more. They can't get it any cheaper anywhere else because they're not available anywhere else, right?

RE: just a question

Simon King /

Sound just about the same here in the US. The amount available is lower, but the demand is a little lower too - so it evens out.

RE: just a question

i am located in kalamazoo michigan

the bike is in excelent condition, only the cluch is blown apart, but it is fixable

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