Moped saint patron

is there one like specific one. there is bunch of references for

and not like im into church or stuff, just like little figures!


•Mosta, Malta

•mother, loss of







but not mopeds.

.....propose Jan Pawel II!

Re: Moped saint patron


Re: Moped saint patron

i propose the fictional tard corky from life goes on be our patron saint.

Re: Moped saint patron

Re: Moped saint patron

corky? thats youre slogan!

would u ride with a figure of lil'corky

Re: Moped saint patron


im not kidding just found this

in translation he talks about how he "wanted ride small bikes for whole like, but then hit the pathole"

and pope says:

"Wypierdolilem sie"- translates "got fuck-faced into the dirt" haha pope says that!! literally

neverless i vote pope paul II

Re: Moped saint patron

I think St Christopher is usually regarded as the patron saint of travelers.

I've seen lots of those little emblems to attach to bicycles for this reason.

Re: Moped saint patron

yea but we're not travellers, we're just dumb assholes who get fucked up and then go crash overpowered undersized 2 strokes. like retardsds.

+3 for corky.

Re: Moped saint patron

Kate Cridlebaugh /

St Corky.

If you want to be all Catholic official-like, St Jude is lost causes.

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