Tomos Recall? -- Anybody have anymore info on this

Just got this out of alt.moped...


From: "Frank & Cathy" <>

Newsgroups: alt.moped

Subject: Tomos Recall ?

As a moped rider, I'm curious about a report published in Canada.


Tomos the manufacturer is having a recall of over 3000 units in Canada.

It is said that the mopeds brakes failed to meet the required standards.

They are so bad they may lead to serious injury or even cause Death. The

recall is Transport Canada regulated, and is expected to take 2 years to

complete at an estimated of over $300,000 US. Tomos has sent letters to

consumers in Canada, suggesting they do not ride the vehicles for fear of


This serious issue of brakes is also expected to create problems in the

United States and Tomos will likely be required to have a full recall on all

mopeds in the United States.

If any one knows any further information on this subject I would like to hear from you.

Re: Tomos Recall? -- Anybody have anymore info on

I read a simular recall, but check the date, one I read was in the early 70`s Doug D

Re: Tomos Recall? -- Anybody have anymore info on

I did not see the article...

It was a post from today in alt.moped

It could very well be OLD information like you said...

I posted it here just to see if anybody else had heard

anything about this...

Re: Tomos Recall? -- Anybody have anymore info on

A friend here in Toronto with a Tomos told me yesterday he just got a recall letter about the brakes, I'll ask him more about it tomorrow. bruce

Re: Tomos Recall? -- Anybody have anymore info on

We ought to contact some of the USA moped shops and ask the--- I'm at work, so I can't fool around right now.

My brakes, on the 2000 tomos could leave a good skid. I felt they worked swell.

Re: Tomos Recall? -- Anybody have anymore info on

This is the letter that was sent to Toronto Tomos owners. The headlights on a moped must be on at all times in Ontario ,hence the switch modification. It doesn't really say what the brake problem is and it might only apply to Canada, not the U.S. because' YOU DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' SAFETY CHECK STANDARDS' bruce

Re: Lights

I like being able to turn off my lights--- I can 'pretend' to be pedalling down the sidewalk, while actually running the moped.

Re: Tomos Recall? -- Anybody have anymore info on

Ron Brown /


Now you are getting the right idea.

Not that we have anything against brakes, but going is more important than stopping. : )


Re: Tomos Recall? -- Anybody have anymore info on

I Received a letter to this fact in February

Here is my original posting to that effect.

For an Update I received a followup from TorontoMopeds that the parts are now available and they are organizing the schedule for appropriate replacements and adjustments.

I'll let you know what they did when it gets fixed.

Until then I'm still riding. Especially on a gorgeous day like today.

Finally 22C and Sunny. WOhooo!

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