Rear shocks help.

WHen ever i hit a pot hole or lift up the end of my LX, the two rods in the shocks come out and the shock collapses. Can this be fixed, do all tomos shocks do this? What are some cheap shocks under 80. I don't care how bumpy the ride, just so they hold up. Would buying a pair (stock tomos) off of a parts bike be a good idea?

Re: Rear shocks help.

You need to fix that right away. Having your rear suspension collapse while riding will not be a pretty sight. You will really be pleased with the result if you replace both shocks with some oil-damped shocks like you can find at Handling on rough roads will improve greatly. They cost around $60 and are worth it.

You didn't say what year you have. They changed the shocks in 2009, and they may be better now. They look like they are oil-damped. The previous design was just a spring and a sliding rod. (edited)

Re: Rear shocks help.

I have a 2000, and someone living close buy is parting out their bike, its a 2009 LX. Should I buy shocks off of that, becuase I also need two new turn signals and a new oil tank cap as well.

Re: Rear shocks help.

Cleats Onionpockets /

If the roads are crappy, just bit the bullet and put in some heavier shocks brand new. Trust me, you'll be happy you did. See if you can get the other parts off this guy, but definitely get the suspension new.

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