I will survive

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I'm interested in ways of protecting yourself from a.. holes that try to damage your moped and include you in their plans of destruction.

How to use a chain (Yo Ree!) efficiently so you don't hit yourself when you miss your target and have the most hitting power.

How big chain should I use? Length? Weight? Thickness?

What can I use to prevent people from stopping my takeoff by holding the back of the moped? Maybe some Ninja technique like and eggshell filled with iron shavings, dust, pepper and sand and thrown against the eyes?

How about some hideouts for knives and chain where you can have silent and fast access to them when you need them most?

How about some other weapons that may used on moped against close combat attack and against dumb-asses in cars and some long range weapons-throwing projectiles like a mini crossbow (how can I build one?) or something like that?

Thanks in advance


Re: I will survive

Geeze guy! Where are you riding??? !983 Beiruit???? If you're having this many problems, might I suggest you trade in the moped for a good pair of shoes and a bus pass?


Re: I will survive

How about one of those wagner paint sprayers--- hook it up so it's a rear mount. Anyone gives you trouble give them a new paint job.

Or get a small tank of acetone, and link it to a windshield washer pump, spray people in the eyes, or melt the paint off the SUV.

You can make smokescreens by modifying the muffler to accept straight oil into the hottest part of the pipe.

A spring loaded box, containing "jacks" you've welded together from roofing nails. About 100 of these should stop a tailgater.

I've used a watter bottle filled with fish juice from the wharf as well. a face full of that will get anyone pretty upset.

a rear-mounted flamethrower is also fairly easy to make. There are plans all over the wed (they say you're supposed to use it to kill bees nests way up in trees.

Then, you could always carry a cell phone, and call the police and charge the person yourself with reckless driving.

A small air compressor could also be used to fire projectiles at other drivers.

You could rig up the windshield washer pump, connect it to a bottle of piss or sour milk, and make sure the sprayer is aimed at the driver side window of the offending vehicle. Wait for a stop light, and spray them in the face with some kind of medical waste.

Or, just keep getting in front of the same person at every redlight. they'll get mad and pass you, and at the next red light, pull in right in front of them again. repeat.

I also use airhorns. dual airhorns on a moped tend to scare the life out of people. Catch the dude who nearly killed you at a stop light and blast him through his window. Sooooo loud.

also, it seems like a fairly decent sling shot could be added to the fron end. You couldn't use it while driving (unless you're really good....) but a 4 oz ball bearing can have quite an effect on a side panel of a vehicle.

Further, if you were to get a large tesla coil, and mount it on the back of the moped, you could desttroy the electrical system of any car you wanted. You'll need to surround your own moped with a protective 'farraday' cage, but the gigantic blue bolts of electricity shooting from your moped should be worth the trouble.

I've been working on a torsion field generator, as well as an M.E.G. that extracts usable energy from the 4th dimension (time). There's a ton of energy bound up in the timecycle, you just cant acces it with our current "bipolar" electrical systems. You need a continious 'dipole' to extract energy from the quantum vacuume.

Or, just mount a P.A. System on your moped,so you can taunt the drivers who offend you. "....your mother was a hampster, and your father smelt of elderberries....."

Good luck. I'll post some info about how to use red mercury to create portable thermonuclear devices for fun and profit.

I usually put a tiny atomic bomb in my nose and then when friends are around, I pretend to have a huge sneeze coming on.....

Ahhhhh......ahhhhh...aaaachooooo (that's when I hit the trigger....)

what a blast!! (no pun intended)!

Good luck!

get one of these

Maybe they will leave you alone.

<IMG src="http://www.igg-tx.net/gyroman/images/scooter2.jpg">;

Re: get one of these

what the hell <i>are</i> those things? gatling guns??


Re: get one of these

Ron Brown /


They started on the next James Bond movie?


Re: get one of these

From the site I read about a year ago... those are CO2 powered rotary BB machine guns.

He also makes hand-held models... (kinda like paintball guns.. only rotary).

I don't know what he made the scooter for (for fun I guess)... because you certainly couldn't ride around with active functioning guns like those on it in about 95% of the US.

Re: I will survive


If you are going to tell him to use taunts like "....your mother was a hampster, and your father smelt of elderberries....." then he had better be prepared to fling cows and other farm animals with a catapult in case the taunts aren't enough, or better yet if he were to build a big wooden rabbit then Lancelot, Galahad and....oh nevermind



Reeperette /

>>How to use a chain (Yo Ree!) efficiently so you don't hit yourself when you miss your target and have the most hitting power.<<

Practice, and lots of it.

>>How big chain should I use? Length? Weight? Thickness?<<

3-1/2 to 4 feet worth, generally, and preferably a medium or medium-light weight, with short links...but any chain will do in a pinch.

>>What can I use to prevent people from stopping my takeoff by holding the back of the moped?<<

A Blitzwhip, it's a small metal tube easy to mistake for a maglight, but with a flick of the wrist, out snaps a pair of steel coilspring rods, which lock into place and are topped by a metal striking tip.

It can be used by even the most amateur, and can shatter bone and does a number on bodywork as well.

>>How about some hideouts for knives and chain where you can have silent and fast access to them when you need them most?<<

A small chain can be sleeve-mounted with little trouble, as can many small knives, but my fav is a United Cutlery twin-set that attaches to the back of your belt and mounts the blades sideways...just reach behind you and you can come up with a double-fistfull of cold steel.

I would, however, remind everyone to bear in mind the rampant paranoia of law enforcement folks in general, and the utter lunacy of disarmament (so you become easier victims) legislation in various cites and counties.

In all likelyhood most of the things above are illegal in your city/county/state, so don't whine to me if ya get in trouble over it...that's one reason why I use the chain, since I can excuse it by intimating that I chain my ped up with it.

If your locality allows it, a blitzwhip or a cattleprod is probably the best idea next to a length of chain....but the BEST defense is avoiding the situations you can avoid in the first place, and using your vehicles superior handling and smaller size to your advantage in situations that you cannot avoid.


Right to carry concealed weapons in Ohio

I think it has been ruled upon favorably by the court now so my 9mm semi-auto may be a permanent `ped tool from now on.Ain't America wonderful?Now in Ohio the criminals have got to wonder.......is he packin' somethin' that barks here and bites over there?Yes! (:^)

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