ever join Yahoo ?

I hear there a lot of message groups on Yahoo.

I don't like to 'join' things without knowing much about them.

If I 'join' Yahoo to get access to these groups and clubs... will I start getting spam and advertisements and other crap ?

Anybody know ?

Re: ever join Yahoo ?

I've joined a slew of the yahoo groups, and not really gotten that much spam. I guess it depends on the group.

As for setting up a yahoo account to join these clubs, just set your prefrences and marketing preferences to don't send me anythng. The default setting is " please send me all the crap I can get" Just check it.

Some of the groups are getting annoying with the amount of ads on them, usually you have to click thru an ad to get to the message you searched for.

Re: ever join Yahoo ?

I did once, like the small engine, lawn tractor, if i needed to find something out on a Sear lawn tractor club, Briggs engine club, Etc. just set no email setting, there is a lot of club.Had trouble once and i had AOL since i went to another sever i had had the problem. Dan

Re: ever join Yahoo ?

I haven't... yahoo put a little browser icons and stuff .. but you can chose to not download them.

I enjoy it.. yahoo has a nice set up and I actualy use it equally to icq. It comes with a net meeting a webcamera support which is nice.

I've yet to join a group though..

Re: ever join Yahoo ?

Actually, Yahoo is a little shady. See this <a href="http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=02/03/29/1833235&mode=thread"; target="_blank">recent article</a> at Slashdot.

Re: ever join Yahoo ?

Yup, that's what I was talking about you have to keep on top of them. Actually I hope that everyone that has a yahoo account knows about this.

Is it free or not ?

Going to Simons link.. I see they are now asking for $20 per year or something to join Yahoo ??

I won't pay them anything... I used to lurk on one Yahoo 'board'... till a week or so ago.. now it asks me to join or register before I can get in.

But I don't see them asking for money.. just info.

Re: Is it free or not ?

usually joining the group just means giving information. I've never paied for any of it. I think you just have to have annother e-mail adress, so you can give them confirmation, or something like that. I think you pay if you want a big account. I've had my freebie one for about 5 years.

Re: Is it free or not ?

I think you can pay to get more than the standard amount of space on the Yahoo server. This can be used to store message, email, etc. Not worth it if you ask me; I like POP accounts.


Re: Is it free or not ?

Matt Wilson /

Guys I'm on the yamaha_zuma group on yahoo and it find that all in all its pretty good. Its very easy to subsrcibe and get the emails, but it took me a little while to figure out how to get access to the past messages. I havent noticed any big increase in junk mail


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