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Better Fส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ster /

Well, I've been working on this bike for the summer. I thought I would share the bike and see how much money you guys are dumping into your kitted bikes in a summer. This is my bike as it sat about a week ago.

Then things started going wrong. I started out by porting the cylinder. Pretty routine, just added a couple ports, widen a little and clean up the casting.

In the course of the week, I've blown the clutch twice, snapped the rear axle at 55mph (pics of that below), and had my crappy little treat pipe fall to bits and get run over by a car that was following way too close.

I'm not sure what happened to the axle, but I think it has to do something with having loose bearings? Anyone else have this happen? Maybe I torqued the races too much or not enough?

Luckily, I had a new axle and bearings on hand, as well as a second clutch. I'm waiting on another clutch in the mail and I need to source another pipe. I'm getting sick of things breaking every other day, but at least I might be able to put the pedals back on.

Did anyone else have a lot of bad luck with their bike this past week? Post some carnage pics so I know I'm not alone.

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John B Skunk /

just getting my tomos lx up and running after 3 weeks of letting guys at the local shop poke and prod at it. and i still have to install a new exhaust as well as tune the carb. feels good to at least be riding again man, but these things put ya through hell and back.

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really not trying to be a dick here, but your axle problem might have something to do with the fact that you're riding a puch from the 70's on an age old axle going 55mph. not built for that in the least. you have stock forks and stock rear suspension. WAY too rigid for 55mph man. the clutch that isnt supposed to work harder than 30mph blew twice? I don't think there is even need to ask why that happened.

you seriously might end up dead riding like that (edited)

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A Boy Named Britchez ... /

I agree only somewhat with the above statement. The problem is you're only doing 55 on that gila. You were doing almost that on a metra and a techno hunter. If you do a solid 60+ on a a gila, the maxi's stamped frame actually stretches and morphs into a semi-solid type material and becomes slightly gelatinous. Hence eliminating the need for things like engine bearings, wheels, condoms, etc.

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Better Fส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ster /

I know that the bike isn't designed for that, and that I'm stupid for riding that fast. I also know that I'm going to blow something up every once in a while. But, I know that I'm not the only one with limited common sense.

I was just wondering about the axle because it looks like it was chewed up. I guess it could have happened after it broke, but it looks like it was worn before it snapped.

Oh well. Got my new parts today. See ya when it snows! (edited)

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you could've gotten some grit or a flat spot in the bearings, if they aren't rolling smooth they can grind up shit quick, also build up a lot of heat and that'll weaken things too. sealed bearings are a pretty worthwhile addition, and not too difficult.

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I'm putting a 90cc 4 speed 1974 honda motor through a stock puch loose bearing rear wheel at 60ish... even rode doubles on it in atl... I did repack and inspect it though. Is it safe? idk. but it's a lot less stress than 55 on a single speed maxi

Vintage stuff requires preventative maintenance too, not just performance tuning. It sucks spending money just to make something do exactly what it did before - but it's better than breaking down.

Rebuild the bearings or go sealed - ride worry free either way. (edited)

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Death lurks. Cool photos.


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Also, that does not look like any axle I have seen, never a fully threaded one. I would recoment sourcing a rear wheel with sealed bearings. Axle will be 12mm, stronger and carry a different kind of loading.

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