Shelly B.

Hey Shelly...update us on your latest project (with pics of course) and tell us how Colten is doing with school. How are your two sons doing and are they taking good care of you?

My email has been swamped from others wanting to know how you are....they miss you around here. ;)

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Re: Shelly B.

Ooops...meant to put this in the OT...but we would still like to see pics of your latest project, Shelly. :)

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Just rebuilt a ZA50 an bolted it to a newly built Tri Rad. Will post pictures when it is completely done and up and running; I don't want to jinx myself as this was the first ZA50 rebuild.

3 more Puchs primed and waiting for paint - 2 Maxis and my red Tri Rad.

School has not started here yet; the kids start next Tuesday (thank goodness, as they are eating me out of house and home)!

Thanks for missing me :o)

Re: Shelly B.

Let me know when Tri-rad is done, I want a ride before it flies away! I miss your posts as well!

Re: Shelly B.

Take Me Home Kev /

Dafaq have you been shelly?

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