another moped joke

A guy with a moped on a carrier on back of his car stops at a bar to ask directions. When he enters , the place is full of bikers partying it up. One biker notices the moped out the window of the bar , walks up to the moped owner and pours a beer over his head. " That's what I think of mopeds " the biker says. The mopeder just turns and leaves. "Not much of a man is he " the biker says to the bartender. " Not much of a driver either" said the bartender , " He just crashed into a row of motorcycles."

Re: another moped joke

haha.. thats damn funny.

Re: another moped joke

david f martin /

I used to tend bar at a biker establishment. I always parked my QT50 right in front of the saloon door. Those guys were always cracking jokes about my scoot, in a good natured way. On cold or rainy nights, my ped was the only 2 wheeler in the parking lot (everyone else came in cages), and I didn't hesitate to point this out to those fair-weather bikers who dared to dis my ride...

I thought about making a H-D-esque emblem for a T-shirt or jacket: "David's Hardlysome MotorScooters"...


On Bikers.

Reeperette /

Was funny...I used to run mine alla time, rain, snow, you-name-it, I was out in it, it became a familiar sight on Ritchie Hwy, that moped.....I got a lotta "you're that moped guy!" from folks.

Anyhow, I stopped in a bikerish establishment down on pennington, figuring on maybe catchin a little hassle, but to my surprise it was more of a mutual was way cool.

I musta convinced four or five of em to buy a moped too, I was lettin em take turns riding it around the block later that night and it was a blast.


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