make your ped go faster

put an the liquid of an egg in your oil tank and your bike gains 10mph.i increased my speed from 40mph to 50mph.such a cheap grandad told me he used to doi it to his bike and it doesnt harm the engine.

Pay no attention to this guy


Dude... You are full of crap.

You did NOT put an egg in your oil tank and gain ANY speed.

Don't try to fool people with stupid statements about stupid old wives tales.

Not to mention that this bad idea might even cause engine damage.

pssssst... yer grampaw is full of it.

(now... if he'd said to put mothballs in your GAS tank... there was a time that was true.. about 50 or 60 years ago... not now)

Now.. I'm hungry....... 2 eggs over easy with hash browns and sausage and rye toast please.

This is what eggs are for

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Remake your ped go faster

gimmyjimmy /

also, mayonnaise rubbed on the outside of carburator will gain you 1.1 hp.

a word of caution, in a day or two you will attract vast quanities of flies. To avoid this, just keep moving and never stop.

Re: Remake your ped go faster

i tried the egg thing and it worked im happy to say engine isfine.its up to you

Re: Remake your ped go faster

Ron Brown /


Give us details.

What kind of bike?

What speed increase?

How many eggs/quart?

How long ago?


Re: Braekfast special

Tom's down at Lower Azusa Road and Santa Anita Ave in El Monte has Two Pancakes, Two Eggs and Two Bacon or Sausage for 2.39.

Coffee is extra.

I would never put it in my Grande's gas tank!


Re: Pay no attention to this guy

2-Tablespoons of Casteroil, taken internally, will make you GO REAL FAST ! ask Grand Paw

Re: Pay no attention to this guy

Good one Doug.

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