Sputtering Hobbit

On my way back from town, the hobbit started to sputter. Meaning I could be WOT and it almost would sound like it was 4 stroking, then not even fire for a short period, maybe 1/4 second. Spuddered all the way back, barley maintained 25mph. Every once in a while it would get a second wind and wind out, then start to spudder again.

I noticed on the way to town, it seemed to 4 stroke down a hill.

Its got a CDI and the right side crank / coils of a nu50m. PHBG Carb, 21mm. Never seized Dr Kit. Plug looks great. any ideas? PHBG Carb, 21mm. (edited)

Re: Sputtering Hobbit

Yuo want to post this in the repair or performance section.

I'm wondering if part of the problem might be a clogged fuel line somewhere...petcock, dirty filter, clogged jet, dirty carb, etc.

Re: Sputtering Hobbit

deep sputtering. . . . by Jack Handy.

I say float bowl may be low, or filter, but it's a fuel issue.

Re: Sputtering Hobbit

Thats great advice, Thanks man!

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